June 11, 2013

4 Killer New Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Features
In this new R2 release, Microsoft has reconfigured the architecture to use RDS, even without a network connection. You are probably wondering how that even possible, considering RDS requires an IP address and the network for proper connectivity. Well, the new technology that is enabling RDS without network connectivity is leveraging the VM Bus.

Complexity, skills, experience lie at heart of mobile testing shortfall
There are a litany of reasons to explain the shortfall in mobile testing at the enterprise level, starting with its sheer complexity. Multiple devices, running on multiple platforms using bandwidth provided by multiple networks is a dramatic change in how enterprises manage computing. “At the end of the day, mobile is not an isolated effort,” says Gal Tunik, senior project manager of Functional Testing and Mobile Delivery, Software at HP. “It must be integrated into the normal delivery process.”

Eight is enough! IT's biggest frenemies
You probably have a good idea about who your enemies are. But what about your frenemies? ... The biggest problem with frenemies is that you have to work with these people. You might even have to be nice to them. But while you may never end up BFFs, you don't have to put up with all their shenanigans. Here are eight common frenemies and how to keep them in check.

Fast IPC - New implementation
"For a few years I used excellent shared memory IPC implementation by studio_ukc: While it is really fast, there are several drawbacks. Also, many members were routinely asking for the working code of that class - the one available for the download needs to be fixed (although some fixes are available in comments section). I decided to go ahead and upload my own implementation based on the same idea, but with most of drawbacks eliminated. Please read original article before proceeding with this one."

Creating custom shapes in PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint has a lot of great preset shapes, but sometimes what you really need is a custom shape tailored-made for your presentation. If you’re looking to go beyond the Freeform Tool to create more complex custom shapes, make use of the new feature in PowerPoint 2010 and upwards called Combine Shapes. The Combine Shapes tool allows you to create new shapes by combining multiple shapes in one of four ways: Union, Combine, Subtract, or Intersect.

Showing Your Customers the Respect They Deserve
Storyboarding is a great example of "meeting the customer on their turf." The pictures don't have to be polished, but the storyboard must be complete enough to tell a full story, and that takes effort. By creating the storyboard, the team has done all the mental heavy lifting. The customer gets to experience the story and provide their reactions. It tells the customer: "Your time is valuable, we want to respect it."

Private PaaS eases enterprise governance, cloud security concerns
Even if public PaaS is not an option for an organization, offering a private version lets IT operations teams provide developers with greater agility and self-service, while still being simpler to manage than a traditional development environment, said Chris Turra, a web operations engineer at Mozilla, the nonprofit Web development organization behind, among other things, the Firefox browser.

Secure Agile Software Development: Never One-and-Done
Obviously, with such a rapidly changing environment, we have to make sure that we do not employ point-in-time security controls. Security must be a constant, and as a result it needs to be integrated into the entire process. To do this, organizations must keep a few things in mind. ... Automation is key for most organizations as a result, and by automatically checking source code for security flaws, you can better ensure the security of that code before it goes into production.

IT chiefs worried by vendor lock-in risk missing out on cloud, big data
Rick Simmonds, managing partner at outsourcing advisors Alsbridge, which conducted the research, said companies often don't have the data readily available to know whether what they are getting is what they need in the current market. "Typically clients are negotiating outsourcing contracts every few years or so and in house there isn't great depths of current market information," he said.

Mentorship: 3 keys to success
It turns out that not everyone recognizes the greatest value of mentors until after the fact. Actually, many don’t realize they’re in a mentoring relationship until years later when they’re in the mentor’s shoes. One leader referred to his mentors as “the ones that didn’t fire me when they had grounds to, but helped me succeed instead.”

Quote for the day:

"In relative terms, we are in good shape. In absolute terms, we are not in the required shape. Unfortunately we have more threats than Finland, Sweden, or even the United States." -- Isaac Ben Israel

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