June 23, 2013

Video: The keys to identifying risk management metrics
In part three of this three-part video, shot at the Marcus Evans Enterprise Risk Management Conference in Chicago earlier this year, SearchCompliance editor Ben Cole sits down with five risk management professionals to discuss how companies can identify potential risk management metrics specific to their organization.

MemSQL makes it easier to import historical data and query it all under one roof
The latest iteration of the database, version 2.1, helps people who don’t speak the popular database query language SQL by allowing imports of old data in .CSV files, which can be created from familiar Excel spreadsheets. And loads of large data sets can happen fast, because MemSQL directs lots of compute cores to handle the work in parallel.

Google Glass Apps for Enterprises Coming by Early 2014
"Google has specifically ruled out facial recognition on the Glass platform today," McNelis said. "However I suspect that Google recognizes that this is a use case and a need. As the market warms up and Google figures out the right way to solve this, this would be a capability that one way or another would be possible."

The Enterprise Cloud: A Unified Architecture Means Unified Experience
So what exactly is “unified,” and is it different from an “integrated” system? In a word: absolutely. An integrated system is composed of multiple components that must be carefully fitted together to achieve the required functionality. This implies running many different servers and databases alongside some middleware that ties the whole thing together.

Don’t Let a Detail Derail a Purpose
Minding and managing details is essential to the proper functioning of your department and company, of this there can be little debate. ... The ability to separate the important details from the unimportant details is just as essential as paying attention to them. Many times in our focus on details, we give them too much power and let them paralyze a project or distract us from more important things. Some of the more common areas this occurs in order of frequency:

Netflix open sources its Hadoop manager for AWS
While Genie is near the top of the overall stack, the foundation is interesting, as well. Rather than maintaining a massive set of instances (or multiple separate ones) running the Hadoop Distributed File System, Netflix uses Amazon’s S3′s object storage service as its big data bit bucket, so all of its Hadoop jobs access the common, reliable data store.

Lousy Leaders Coddle
Coddling, like all leadership behaviors, reflects attitudes about yourself and others. Coddling isn’t compassionate it’s needy, misguided, self-important, and self-propagating. ... Experience is insight and confidence gained by struggling through new challenges and opportunities. Experience makes things easier. You know what works. Inexperience, on the other hand, makes things harder. That’s how it’s supposed to be!

Schedule First, then Budget
The best project managers establish the schedule before finalizing the budget, even if senior management is screaming for the money portion. ... It’s truly best to try to determine how much time is really required to complete a project before you let your money – or lack thereof - get in the way of your detailed project planning and real-world thinking.

Why do great Indian companies like Infosys self-destruct?
Poor strategic decision-making, fuelled by 'hubris and arrogance', results in poor capital allocation which destroys RoCE (return on capital employed) and creates financial stress," the brokerage adds.
Ambit says the transformation from a "great" company to a laggard takes place through the following phases.

S'pore starts to chart great tech unknown of 2025
The committee will study five areas: technology and R&D, infrastructure, enterprise development, manpower and talent development, as well as sectoral transformation. The last area will study programmes that use infocomm and media to improve the way people live and help businesses to thrive. ... According to Dr Yaacob, a suite of shared business analytics services will be progressively made available to retail enterprises from the middle of this year.

Quote for the day:

"The pessimist borrows trouble; the optimist lends encouragement." -- William Arthur Ward

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