June 30, 2013

Adding Flexibility to your REST Implementation with Yoga
Yoga cleanly integrates with Spring MVC REST, Jersey, and RESTEasy. ... Yoga provides a @Core annotation that can be applied to your serialized domain model (or DTO) to identify fields that will always be returned on a Yoga request. ... If you need more fine-grained control over the structure of your document responses, Yoga will integrate with your existing REST application, and allow you to add selectors to your web requests.

Offsite HIPAA Data Centers Are Key to Health Organization Disaster Recovery
Dooling recommends that offsite data centers should not be located within the same geographic region as the healthcare facility. A catastrophic event like a tornado or fire could easily wipe out a hospital and data center all at once if located at the same facility. She also recommends that healthcare providers ensure the data center is not located in a flood zone or in a region that experiences natural disasters on a regular basis.

BI and the Need for Speed
The good news is that organizations like the CPG example can take advantage of more effective BI development approaches that have emerged out of the chaos; those that resonate well in 2013 and strategies that offer swifter deployments and quantifiable results without wasting excess time, energy and resources. The following are some of the more innovative, sensible guidelines that prove a business case while providing a much better bang for the buck:

Next-Gen Storage, Converged Infrastructure on the Horizon?
Welcome to another episode of Engineers Unplugged. This week’s topic is Next-Gen Storage, handled admirably by Cisco’s J Metz (@drjmetz) and Stephen Foskett (@sfoskett). What will the topology of the future look like? What is the tech evolution that will drive adoption? From token ring to SDN, they’ve got it covered. Watch and see:

Google Glass in the Workplace: Cool Benefits and Surprising Dangers
Regardless of whether it benefits or challenges your company, Google Glass, like all new technologies, will test us. Companies will have to define what Google Glass means for their business and their employees. They will have to establish some decorum when it comes to wearable tech. ... Another topic of focus will be confidentiality and trade secrets.

PayPal Galactic Initiative to Tackle Payments in Space
"We will still need a way to pay for life’s necessities, back here and out there, though exactly how we’ll do that isn’t currently clear. This is why, today we are announcing our intention to make PayPal the leading resource to address the challenges that these new and exciting times present. We are the only company currently poised to deliver payments outside of our planet."

Three Myths of the Mind That Sabotage Even the Most Motivated Achievers
Our attitude toward work and the way we think and feel about certain concepts have direct results in the workplace.For one, they can affect our results. Fortunately, these thoughts can be challenged and put aside, producing better performance. The means of change is to put aside three myths.

Who’s Your Daddy
We sit at the feet of successful leaders like children being cared for by parents. Our childishness speaks to lack of power, fear of failure, and the false hope that someone will take care of us ... Peter Block, author of, “Stewardship,” believes partnership is a healthier way to look at our relationship with leaders.

SDDC Automation and Orchestration
The orchestration and automation layer of the Software Defined Data Center is where the benefits of the SDDC are translated into working applications for end users and business constituents. Every cloud management platform relies upon either a script or one of these automation frameworks to provision and configure the actual end user services and applications.

Dark Architecture: Upgrading Infrastructure With Agile Principles
Rather than speaking on component terms (e.g., swap the reporting database backend from MySQL for Cassandra), think in flow terms (e.g., rendering a graph of wildcard queries for customer X is taking 40 seconds to render, while all other graph types for this customer render perfectly quickly). This exercise will force you to hone scope to exactly where the pain is so you can focus on delivering the solution to this pain first and save others for later.

Quote for the day:

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless." -- Thomas A. Edison

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