June 12, 2013

Israel accelerates cybersecurity know-how as early as 10th grade
“What Israel has done is focus much more heavily on technical skills and leave the political work to the politicians,” says Alan Paller of the SANS Institute, who examined Israeli cybersecurity strategy as part of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Task Force on CyberSkills last summer. “Their skill level [per capita] … outdoes everyone, even China,” he adds, despite China’s “massive program” for developing skilled cyber experts.

Podcast recap: HP Experts analyze and explain the HAVEn big data news from HP Discover
There has been a lot said about big data in the last year and HP has made a big announcement around a broader vision for businesses to help them gain actionable intelligence from literally a universe of potential sources and data types. To learn how, BriefingsDirect assembled Chief Evangelist at HP Software, Paul Muller; Chris Selland, Vice President of Marketing at HP Vertica, and Tom Norton, Vice President for Big Data Technology Services at HP.

3 Motivational Mind Tricks Desgned to Power Progress
Understanding how we react to progress is crucial to capitalizing on its power to motivate and engage us with our work. Ignoring it costs day after day of losing steam, running to and fro with carrots and sticks, and losing interest from what feels like an endless run in a hamster wheel. These three mind tricks of progress serve employees and managers alike to break free from hamsterdom and actually get somewhere.

People Don’t Need Cloud, but Flexibility + Control over Data
The other aspect is converged cloud. “Every customer will follow a different path to the cloud,” and HP focuses on how to help them take the journey to the cloud, Neri explains. ... One of the customers’s biggest concerns is “all about change management.” IT, the business owners, they all need to be part of the conversation. “They really get very uncomfortable when they feel they are losing control. It is our role to show them they keep control.”

Why your CMO may spend more money on the cloud than your CIO
"As technology budgets move to the CMO and marketing becomes more data-driven, Salesforce could become the system of record for all customer interactions. Since interactions touch current and future revenue, CRM has the potential to become more central to a business than current transaction systems of record."

IBM’s cognitive computing team takes on a new frontier: meal planning
Working with chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, the IBM team is building a cognitive computing system that, given plenty of data about what foods most people already like, will be able to come up with inventive, delicious flavor combinations—far beyond the familiar pairings of tomato and basil, chocolate and strawberry, chicken and rosemary.

Skepticism Moves Big Data Toward Causation
An interesting practical implication of the correlation-causation dilemma, noted by industry luminary Cathy O’Neil, is the risk that putting machine learning techniques in the hands of analytics initiates may be dangerous, since the newbies might be too credulous with the findings, drawing inference from spurious correlations that can lead business astray. I bet many new easy-out big data vendors hope that thought doesn’t gain traction!

Secret NSA hackers from TAO Office have been pwning China for nearly 15 years
Apparently “Beijing was furiousabout the sudden elevation of cybersecurity and Chinese espionage on the meeting's agenda.” That’s when the director of China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team claimed to have "mountains of data" about the US hacking China. The Chinese version of CERT also disclosedthat between January 1 and May 31, "4,062 US-based control servers hijacked 2.91 million mainframes in China.

Leading Through a Crisis
When everything is broken, what do you do first? How do you show your concern when 1,000 things need attention? If you go to work on five of them, those who feel the most pain about the other 995 will think you don’t care. Furthermore, if you try to work on too many things, you will squander your finite resources while making little progress—thus undermining trust. So what can you do?

How to Evolve your Master Data Management Practices
With maturing data management and additional data sources, your master data management practices need to follow suit. That means finding a new level of support systems for MDM to keep up with evolving business outcomes and expectations. Michele Goetz, analyst with Forrester Research, has been carving out a new framework to bring MDM from the traditional “golden record” to a more rounded “golden profile.” Here are six emerging considerations.

Quote for the day:

"Learn to pause.... or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you." -- Doug King

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