June 22, 2013

How it's made: The modular data center
Modular data center providers have opened additional factories to churn out modular data centers as fast as customers need them. The combination of standard components and an assembly line allows providers to deliver extra IT capacity to companies much faster than it would take them to build out a brick and mortar facility.

British intelligence tapping fiber-optic cables for massive amounts of data
The operation codenamed "Tempora" by Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has been going on for at least 18 months and involves the use of "intercept probes" attached directly to transatlantic fiber-optic cables landing on British shores from telephone exchanges and Internet servers in North America.

The Power of Mornings: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Get up Early
Even if you aren't a morning person, you may have more willpower in the early hours than later in the day. "Willpower is like a muscle [that] becomes fatigued with over-use," says Vanderkam. During the course of the day as you're dealing with difficult people, making decisions and battling traffic, you use up your willpower, leaving you feeling depleted toward the end of the day.

The 1 Basic Question That Leads to Product Innovation
Steve Jobs downplayed the importance of market research, but that doesn't mean you should ignore what consumers think, writes Eric V. Holtzclaw. You should avoid relying too heavily on what's worked in the past as you attempt to develop new ideas. "Instead, companies should focus, like Jobs, on understanding consumers' unmet needs and work in that white space," he writes.

Humans and silicon don’t mix, but a new material coating could put chips inside our bodies
“People are the worst enemy of silicon,” said Paul Berger, an electrical and computer engineering professor at Ohio State University. “When we sweat, we sweat sodium and potassium out of our pores. That is the bane of a silicon device.” ... “The smart electronics are sequestered from the body,” Berger said. “What I’m trying to advocate is to put electronics in intimate contact with the body.”

Building with modern data center design in mind
Modern data center design involves planning carefully for the center's location, hardware and building infrastructure. It's certainly not as simple as "build warehouse, insert computers." This guide covers capacity planning tactics, tips for building facilities, hardware selection strategies and monitoring a data center's infrastructure.

Inside the mind of an enterprise software development organization
Understanding the dynamics of how vendors develop software can equip you to select, buy, and implement the best product on the most favorable terms. Here are specific points of advice. ... Enterprise software support and maintenance has a bad reputation, because vendors frequently fail to make the value proposition tangible; in addition, vendors sometimes do a poor job maintaining their own software, which makes matters worse.

Targeted Attacks Video Series
As Tim has written about before, the problem with the term APT is that it doesn’t describe this category of threats very accurately. This makes it harder to understand and mitigate this type of threat. ... In addition to a series of white papers, Microsoft is publishing a short series of videos that introduce many of the topics covered in these papers. In the videos Tim is joined by subject matter experts, including the CISO of Microsoft, to discuss these threats and possible mitigations.

Entrepreneurs in India Find Challenges -- and Niches
"The froth is yet to get cleared out," said Vikram Deswal, chief investment officer and portfolio manager at East Bridge Capital Management. "Lots of capital we've raised is from people who earlier had given capital to private equity funds in India. As of today, there is a lot more capital raised but not deployed. Interest in India remains, but people are licking their wounds."

Why Big Data will never beat business intuition
Our data-driven worlds are not only becoming smaller, they are becoming faster. The real-time flow of information persuades us to react to feedback constantly and instantly. ... Data might be able to predict new problems or find new solutions to existing problems, but only human intuition and ingenuity can come up with groundbreaking new ideas. That is a uniquely human gift—one that goes beyond merely fixing a problem or meeting a functional need.

Quote for the day:

"People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to." -- George Allen

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