November 12, 2012

Signs It Might Be Time To Consider Hiring A CEO
This can be an incredibly difficult decision to make, but it’s better for you to make the decision yourself than to be told by your board that they’re hiring one whether you like it or not. That situation is avoidable both by minimizing the chance the hire needs to be made, and also making sure communication lines with your board are wide open so you’re part of the process in picking a CEO complementary to you.

An Innovation Strategy is Critical
Braden Kelley, a popular innovation speaker had the opportunity to interview Susan Harman, Manager of Open Innovation, about open innovation strategy, importance of an innovation culture, some of the barriers to innovation success, and even some thoughts on the educational system.

IP Australia stops the brain drain through teleworking
Almost 15 percent of the agency's 1,000-strong workforce telework for some part of the week on a regular basis, whether that is home-based for one or two days a week, or out-posted to another city. Victor Portelli, general manager of patents at IP Australia told ZDNet that the organisation had started allowing staff to work remotely from around eight years ago.

What Data Can't Tell You About Customers
Across industries, companies are using the vast amounts of user-generated data to guide innovation of new products and services. But data mining does not equate to developing "customer intelligence." Human behavior is nuanced and complex, and no matter how robust it is, data can provide only part of the story.

Gartner sees shift to hybrid cloud unified communications
Today, 95 per cent of businesses’ unified communications are kept on premise, including telephony, email, messaging and videoconferencing, Johnson told Computerworld Australia, ahead of this week’s Gartner Symposium on the Gold Coast. The trend now is to move more of these services to the cloud and companies are thinking carefully about which ones, he said.

Sharing Information and Knowledge
There are many ways to share information. Some of them may take just a few minutes. You can choose to spend as little or as much time as you want. By sharing, you are not going to lose it and instead, you will only get enriched. Feel free to share information and knowledge.

8 Perspectives on Software Vendors to Watch in 2013
SandHill’s questions on predictions as to how the software vendor landscape will change in 2013 found agreement among industry observers about the changes facing legacy software powerhouses. The questions also sparked tirades about Microsoft. Dive into their perspectives on the difficult challenges and necessary “rebooting” ahead.

Australia escapes the Asia-Pacific IT skills shortage: IDC
The Asia-Pacific region is being hit hard by an IT skills shortage, but Australia may have escaped the full force of the epidemic, thanks to its sunny beaches and carefree lifestyle.

VMware CTO: Adapt, Enable Choice, or Die
VMware CTO Stephen Herrod: We have to continuously be reinventing ourselves and continue to push the envelope quite hard. We've been working on this strategy of the software-defined data center for a while now, although we've just coined the phrase earlier this year.

CHAPLIN - An Application Architecrtue Using Backbone.js
Chaplin is mostly derived and generalized from the codebase of, a real-world single-page application. Chaplin tries to draw the attention to top-level application architecture. “Application” means everything above simple routing, individual models, views and their binding.

Quotes for the day:

"Information is the oxygen of the modern age." -- Ronald Reagan
"In the power to change yourself is the power to change the world around you. " -- Anwar Sadat

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