November 06, 2012

How a NASA Open Source Startup Could Change the IT Universe
Chris Kemp, the first CTO of IT at NASA, helped to lead an effort at the U.S. space agency to create a cloud compute platform, known as Nova, which become the cornerstone of the OpenStack cloud project. ... In an exclusive interview with Internet News Kemp explained how the open source cloud effort came to be and how NASA is already reaping the rewards.

VMware Wields Many Cloud Weapons
VMware has plenty of weapons and ammo to take down both its competition and partners in the virtual and cloud worlds. But, would the company ever pull the trigger? Here's a look at its software arsenal

New ransomware attack hurts trustworthiness of Web
Last week, my company was paid a visit by some interesting malware. This time, it was ransomware: malicious software that disguises itself as "security software" but actually holds the system hostage to trick the user into paying money to the software's handlers.

The 5 R's For Building Lifelong Relationships With Employees
How can we, as employers, demonstrate that we are as dedicated to our employees as we hope they’ll be to us? Today I present to you a list of five “R’s” to cover the Requirements (sorry, I couldn’t resist) you can fulfill to give your employees a greater level of assurance about their commitment to stay. Here they are:

Hewlett-Packard’s Todd Bradley Talks Tablets in the Enterprise (Video)
HP’s play, Bradley tells Bartiromo, is to build tablets that appeal to the enterprise, with backward compatibility with all the applications they’re accustomed to running, and all the security and manageability features in Windows that tend to make CIOs comfortable. And he says that the company is prepping an ElitePad pilot program with 3,000 enterprise customers in the U.S.

Cloud Expert: 'There is no Cloud'
As for Power's assertion that there is no cloud, he explained that all the technologies that make up cloud -- virtualization, hosting, data center, storage, network, etc. -- have been around for years. "It's the same technology that's been taking care of them -- we're just providing it differently," he said.

Google unveils free Siri rival for iPhone, iPad
Hey, Siri, you better look behind you. Google on Tuesday upgraded its Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad, giving the feature a voice search functionality that poses a challenge to Apple's Siri.

DHS Official Suggests Sharing IT Resources to Survive Hacks
Groups of companies in the same industry could mitigate the effects of cyberattacks by pooling infrastructure resources and working together on security issues, a senior official in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has suggested.

Regulation, infrastructure hinder Myanmar's telecom ambitions
Myanmar may be one of the few relatively untapped telecommunications market left in the world and its once-reclusive government is now opening up the sector for foreign investments. However, telcos and service providers need to tread with care given the hazy regulatory framework and lack of infrastructure for foreign players to scale their operations.

On human ‘applications’ in EA models
Yet in this specific case – a ‘human application’ – most of our existing techniques and toolsetsactively get in the way of describing what actually happens in those applications. What I’m interested in here is how we can develop usable workarounds for this problem.

Quality-systems and enterprise-architecture
Most of what we do is about connecting-the-dots, wandering around, collecting and sharing ideas, talking with people, or getting other people to talk with each other – which is often a lot harder than that sounds… But when we stop and think about it, it’s actually much the same the research-lab: our real product is opinions. And if an opinion is a product, then all of the ISO-9000-type quality-system stuff should therefore apply. Yet how?

Quote for the day:

"I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of one hundred lions led by a sheep." -- Charles

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