November 25, 2012

Big Data Conundrum: Show Me the Money!
Companies have not yet grasped the business potential of all the data pouring in from hundreds of sources—think apps in the cloud, on-premise partner software and from their own enterprise. In effect, businesses haven’t figured out how to make money from this fire hose of disparate data sources.

NEC is Working on a Suitcase-sized DNA Analyzer
The company said it aims to launch the device globally in 2014, and sell it for around 10 million yen, or US$120,000. It will output samples that can be quickly matched via the growing number of DNA databases worldwide.

5 Areas for CIOs to Instill Innovation
A new-age CIO shoulders the responsibility of not only identifying the most viable trends for an enterprise but also to increase revenue for the business. Here is a list of 5 innovative ideas that can boost a CIO in keeping pace with the changing trends.

Indian firms urged to buy struggling global tech vendors
In a report by The Hindu Business Line Thursday, an unidentified senior official from the Department of Electronics and IT (DietY) said at least three presentations last week were made to the Ministry of Communication and IT and its minister, Kapil Sibal, proposing initiatives meant to "excite Indian companies for such opportunities as the market cap of many global companies [including] Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Ericsson are at a very low level".

Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check
Multi-Channel Attribution is a red hot topic in our industry, and yet it is so poorly understood. I'm convinced that the resulting problems (confusion, FUD, angst, daily prayers, and wasted budget) are due to the lack of a clear framework that can help clearly define the problem.

Brightcove, Application Craft, launch cloud-based development tools
Brightcove's native plug-in architecture for its App Cloud and Application Craft's launch of Mobile Build are the latest examples of how cross-platform development tools for mobile apps are becoming increasingly cloud-centric.

Sony Vaio Tap 20 review:
The appeal of this desktop-tablet hybrid is that it addresses a problem that has nagged all-in-one makers for years. Often pitched as a kitchen PC, a secondary home entertainment center, or some kind of family organizational kiosk, the all-in-one has always fallen short of its ambition to elevate the humble desktop PC.

TDD the Anagrams Kata
A Kata is a form of deliberate practice. Katas are small coding exercise that a programmer completes on a daily basis. Rather than attempt a new Kata each day the programmer should work on the same Kata repeatedly until completing the Kata is almost automatic. The benefits include greater efficiency in the way you use your development tools, Better understanding of features of your programming language, and a better grasp of TDD.

PCI DSS Risk Assessment Guidelines
The information supplement outlines the relationship between PCI DSS and risk assessments; the various industry-recognized risk methodologies and key components of a risk assessment, including developing a risk assessment team and building a risk assessment methodology; risks introduced by third parties; as well as the risk reporting process and critical success factors.

Dream or Die, That’s Just How the World Turns
Many people have fears about the next 4 years. I have fears about the next 4 years. If we spend too much time worrying about those fears, and worrying about what we cannot control, we will be spending less time in making our dreams a reality.

Quotes for the day:

"Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust." -- ZigZiglar

"You aren't learning anything when you're talking." -- Lyndon B. Johnson

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