November 01, 2012

Cloud adoption in India rising
The bigger growth is happening in private clouds - enterprises using the cloud concept internally - rather than in public clouds, where companies use third-party shared data centres to access computing resources. The Zinnov study estimated that 70-75% of the $4.5 billion cloud market in 2015 would come from private cloud deployments.

EMC to Buy Web Intelligence Provider Silver Tail Systems
EMC plans to use the purchase to beef up its RSA security division in the rapidly growing Web fraud detection market. The software will "complement" RSA's anti-fraud solutions that help leading banks and retailers thwart sophisticated cyberattacks.

The Battle of the Titans: What it all means for IT managers caught in the middle
The sands are rapidly shifting in enterprise IT but the quick witted IT professionals will understand that they are no longer a provider of technology for their company but a broker. It’s not for them to decide what mobile platforms to use but for their execs, line of business owners and end users to decide.

The Report of My Death Was an Exaggeration
That night, my more experienced director wrote up 100 lines of Perl script to replace the few thousand lines of Java code. The point isn’t that Java was bad, it was that just in this particular case, Perl was more efficient for the problem at hand. People still use Perl, they still use Cobol, but they also use C, C++, C# and of course Java.

Cross-platform development tools boost Windows Phone 8
This is the first time so many open-source and cross-platform frameworks are on board with Windows Phone on the first day of a new SDK version release, according to a blog posted by Olivier Bloch, technical evangelist at Microsoft.

2012 Top Scary Trends in Tech
In previous years, the monsters were such awful ghouls, ghosts and goblins as Unreliable Clouds, IT Consolidation, Virtual Workplaces, The Never-Ending Workday and Cyber Bullies from Hell. This year, I've got a bunch of new ones for you, so let's crack open a fresh bucket of chilled monkey brains and get our B-movie rolling.

Business Processes are Still a Manual Affair
Less than half of business processes are automated and manual tasks for BI and reporting are especially burdensome as IT leaders can’t carry through on their interests with a lack of enterprise capabilities, according to new survey findings.

A Vote for Constructive Office Politics
In the world of negotiation, there’s a profound difference between focusing on your own position … the “I want” versus your opponent’s “I want.” Negotiating around the “I wants” is not much different than engaging in a playground squabble. The playground approach offers no rational mechanism for going from disagreement to agreement, short of who’s bigger and tougher.

Lack of Abuse Detection Allows Cloud Computing Instances to Be Used Like Botnets
Some cloud providers fail to detect and block malicious traffic originating from their networks, which provides cybercriminals with an opportunity to launch attacks in a botnet-like fashion, according to a report from Australian security consultancy firm Stratsec.

How to Delegate – 7 steps
You’re snowed under; you have too many meetings to attend and not enough hours in the day to get the work done. Does that sound familiar? You also have a team of pretty capable people and know that you should delegate more; in fact, you keep saying to yourself “I must delegate more” but never quite get around to it.

Quotes for the day:
"It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle. " -- Richard M. DeVos
"Swallow your pride occasionally... it's non-fattening!" -- Unknown

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