November 02, 2012

Windows 8 uptake remains listless after public launch
The poor-thus-far showing of Windows 8 doesn't preclude it from eventually thriving, of course. Microsoft is reportedly ready to spend between $1 billion and $1.5 billion on advertising the new operating system, its Windows RT spin-off, and the also-new Windows Phone 8.

Intel researchers work on new way to display, share images
Vara demonstrated the project, dubbed Display without Borders, with a laptop, a Microsoft Connect sensor and a projector. Intel didn't give a timeframe for when the technology might go to market..

TDWI Checklist Report // Using Location Information for Geospatial Analytics
In this TDWI Checklist Report, we review the alignment of geospatial information with the business intelligence environment and provide suggestions for capturing location information and differentiating between deliverable addresses and geolocations.

arrayDB, a New and Easy PHP ORM
arrayDB ORM library has only 5 classes. You mostly use a singleton of one, while others are used internally, that's all. Caching and keeping cache synchronized with the database is all automated, you don't need to keep track of these.

The difference between a weakness and a fatal flaw
Having this significant weakness most often counters or negates the positive impact of profound strengths. In every case we have examined, fatal flaws appear to pull down the effectiveness of a leader. These cases are not rare or unusual. Statistically, we find that 28% of the population of leaders has one or more competencies at the 10th percentile or lower.

An enterprise-wide vision for social business: SAP's new take
Earlier today software giant SAP unveiled their latest vision for enterprise social software, along with an integrated set of functional offerings that focus on delivering targeted business value. Is it enough?

The Digital Capabilities Your Company Needs
In-depth interviews with 157 executives in 50 large companies found that the most fundamental technology requirement for digital transformation is not particular skills or particular technologies. It is a core set of four digital capabilities. These four capabilities revolve around technology but typically not all of them reside in the IT department.

Leadership Perspectives: What Is Your Intention?
There are so many avenues we could take in this conversation, and The Lead Change Group has done that in their new book, The Character Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution….One Person at a Time, written by 21 authors who believe deeply in this concept of character based leadership.

The software creation literacy crisis
Amid the great wall of noise the digital world is today stands a stark reality: fewer and fewer people have the ability to read and write the basic code building blocks of the internet and mobile world. Ismael Ghalimi of STOIC provocatively writes

Eventually, 90% of tech budgets will be outside IT departments
So CIOs will be relegated to the backoffice, back-room server stuff, while the CDO gets all the fun, get-the-attention-of-management stuff, such as cloud, social, mobile and Big Data?  Gartner says there is a highly visible role for CIOs as well: "CEOs want their CIOs to make their impact felt where the enterprise meets the outside world.

Quote for the day:

"A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops." -- John Pershing

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