November 14, 2012

Five solid FTP clients that also happen to be free
There are plenty of tools available that range in the simple, single-minded FTP application to the feature-rich, more complicated tool. With that in mind, here are the five FTP clients that should fit nearly any situation and do so without costing you or your department a penny.

Performance Tips for Asynchronous Development in C#
In a recent online C# Corner column, "Exceptional Async Handling with Visual Studio Async CTP 3", Patrick Steele showed how the Visual Studio Async CTP (version 3), which extends Visual Studio 2010 SP1, handles aggregating exceptions that happen in background, asynchronous methods. In this column, the author covers the mechanics of the Async framework and offer some tips on maximizing its performance.

Nokia debuts Here, cross-platform location service
The move is being backed with the acquisition by Nokia of Earthmine, a California-based provider of street-level 3D imaging data, and will see Nokia going head-to-head with Google, Apple and dedicated mapping companies like TomTom.

Jaspersoft BI suite gets a new visualization engine
With the commercial release of version 5 of its self-named reporting and analysis suite, Jaspersoft has revamped the software's visualization engine, doing away with an Adobe Flash-based visualization engine in favor of one using HTML5 Web standards.

Can Machines Really Think?
Some have argued that artificial intelligence is impossible (Dreyfus), immoral (Weizenbaum) and perhaps even incoherent (Searle). And yet, despite the cynicism of those before him, Alan Mathison Turing, the dubbed father of computer science, posed his famous challenge in the mid-1900s: is it possible to create a machine so intelligent that we cannot discern any difference between human and machine intelligence?

Google Fiber is live in Kansas City, real-world speeds at 700 Mbps
After months of fanfare and anticipation, gigabit home Internet service Google Fiber finally went live on Tuesday in Kansas City. The search giant is offering 1 Gbps speeds for just $70 per month—significantly faster and cheaper than what any traditional American ISPs are offering.

How CMOs Can Work with CIOs to Gain Customer Insight
One of the key challenges CMOs face is figuring out how to partner with other internal functions. But given that today's CMO is often the main connection between the consumer and the company, a strong relationship with the CIO can allow her to leverage technology to better understand those customers.

Skype disables password reset page to deal with email-based security 'vulnerability'
Skype has taken down its password reset page as it deals with a password reset exploit that can give suspicious types access to your account with only your email address.

Project Portfolio Management – A Strategic Activity
Organizations that excel at portfolio management, typically complete projects on time and under budget while increasing ROI, according to Aberdeen Research. In fact, an effective portfolio management program can enable companies to achieve up to 25% more revenue from new products when compared with less successful competitors, according to Aberdeen.

Google India fined $13.8M for false accounting
Search giant's Indian arm accused of misleading tax authorities by underdeclaring revenue from AdWords and evading taxes through international transactions, but Google India denies the claim.

HTML5's weakness is Qt's opportunity, says Digia
Tommi Laitinen, product chief at Finnish software firm Digia, told ZDNet UK on Tuesday that businesses still want cross-platform development capabilities for creating user interfaces, and claimed that Qt would be well-placed to deliver. Laitinen was speaking shortly after the unveiling of Qt 5.0 and Digia's roadmap for the toolkit, which should see Android and iOS support added around the autumn of 2013.

Quote for the day:

"If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all." -- Michelangelo

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