November 30, 2012

The CIO and CMO: An Integrated Approach
Technology now underpins and shapes the entire customer experience, from the delivery of marketing campaigns to the aggregation of analytics and insights. The amount of raw consumer data now available is a major challenge for today’s CMOs; making sense of it, while trying to justify their marketing spend to guarantee ROI, is even harder – especially without a strong bond to the CIO.

3 steps to HIPAA security in the cloud
The default response for those charged with HIPAA security is to say ‘no’ to cloud computing. There is a clear need, however, to rethink the role of cloud computing by those charged with HIPAA security. The efficiencies that can be gained by leveraging public, private, and hybrid clouds are just too compelling.

Citrix Foresees the Future
After establishing that virtualization has had a big impact on datacenter infrastructures, ... the company gets down with some virtual networking comments i.e. dynamic networks are the way to go as we constantly redefine traffic flow for individual users and VMs. As Citrix puts it, "The stage will be set in 2013 for SDN to become the dominant form of networking."

New Kendo UI Framework for Java Developers
Developer tools and solutions provider Telerik has released a new version of its framework for building applications and Web sites with HTML5 and JavaScript that supports Java. This version, the third release of the framework, introduces Java server-side wrappers, which make it possible for devs to use their existing JavaServer Pages (JSP) coding skills.

10 Hot IT Jobs for 2013
... beyond big data, the demand for IT employees keeps growing as well.According to Robert Half Technology, the pool of available talent continues to shrink, driving average salaries up as much as 9 percent from 2012. Here are 10 hot IT jobs predicted for 2013 and beyond

How Agile solves traditional pitfalls of IT Outsourcing
It is a misconception that agile IT cannot be outsourced. In fact, agile practices solve all the listed arguments against outsourcing. It is important to note that agile is not just about incremental deliveries, agile teams engineer software in a different way as compared to traditional software engineering practices.

Adidas Heads to the Cloud to Control IT Spending
Seeking to improve internal audit compliance and streamline spending, Bader evaluated several spending-management solutions and decided on Coupa for its multinational support, total cost of ownership, integration with the ERP system, and capacity for customization.

Three Mistakes to Avoid in your Business Intelligence Project
A Gartner study in 2005 reported that more than half of BI projects fail. Unfortunately, the situation hasn't improved since that survey was taken. A more recent Kognitio survey shows that two-thirds of businesses still fail to receive value out of the BI system they install.

Directory: Big data vendors in Asia
Data analytics isn't new, but the number of companies offering big data solutions has certainly risen in recent years. To help IT professionals and technology decision-makers navigate the big data landscape, ZDNet editors have compiled a shortlist of vendors in the Asia region. This is not a paid listing, nor is it an exhaustive list.

Big data projects make it to the drawing board, but no further
In a poll of TechRepublic’s exclusive CIO Jury, when asked “Does your organisation have big data as part of your budget and plans for 2013?” the response was no by a margin of eight to four, suggesting that big data still has a way to go to win over CIOs. In particular, CIOs seem reluctant to use the term ‘big data’ even if they have projects planned to look at unstructured data.

Quote for the day:

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." -- Robert Collier

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