November 18, 2012

Encryption of Data-in-Use to Harness the Power of the Cloud
According to the Cloud Security Alliance's Encryption Implementation Guidance, organizations should implement encryption of data-in-use to ensure that data is secured for the entire duration of its lifecycle (at-rest, in-transit and in-use).

Enterprise Android Adoption: A CIO’s Big Dream Or Worst Nightmare?
There are now more than 550 Android device types, 48 manufacturers, and a multitude of carriers worldwide. ... This is great news for consumers as it offers them choice, but it sends chills up the spines of CIOs who have relied for years on efficient management through standardizing only a few devices.

Why MOOCs are as disruptive to college education
The possibility MOOCs hold out is that the educational parts of education can be unbundled. MOOCs expand the audience for education to people ill-served or completely shut out from the current system, in the same way phonographs expanded the audience for symphonies to people who couldn’t get to a concert hall, and PCs expanded the users of computing power to people who didn’t work in big companies.

Vuzix Smart Glasses to take on Google Glass
Vuzix has unveiled details of its wireless headset display, the Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. The headset projects a color display to the user’s field of vision, showing data generated by a smartphone. It also has an HD camera, a noise-canceling microphone, and an ear speaker.

How surprises make you stronger
WHAT is the opposite of fragility? Though not quite right, “resilience” and “robustness” are two words that come to mind. If fragility means something that breaks under stress, its exact opposite should mean something that grows stronger under pressure.

German City Says Openoffice Shortcomings Are Forcing it Back to Microsoft
"In the specific case of the use of OpenOffice, the hopes and expectations of the year 2007 are not fulfilled," the council wrote, adding that continuing use OpenOffice will lead to performance impairments and aggravation and frustration on the part of employees and external parties. "Therefore, a new Microsoft Office license is essential for effective operations," they wrote.

Microsoft Releases SkyDrive SDKs for .NET, Windows Phone 8
There are two versions of the .NET SDK: client and server. The client SDK enables developers to build console, Windows Form or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications for end users, to help them better integrate SkyDrive with their daily tasks. The server version is more about building ASP.NET Web sites and Web server components.

10 vital habits to develop
Samuel Johnson wrote that ‘The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.’ It’s a pessimistic view, but it’s a strong belief of mine that habits can be changed – bad habits can be dropped and healthy habits can replace them. With gentle persistence and time, amazing changes can take place. Here are ten habits which I’ve tried to develop over the years.

Java's Atomic and volatile, under the hood on x86
The Java memory model is known to offer looser guarantees than some real hardware implementations. Most modern desktops (and most current servers) are powered by x86-family processors, which have fairly predictable memory behavior, especially compared to some other processor families. Despite these stronger guarantees, volatile int doesn't behave like AtomicInteger, even on x86 and even for a very simple operation like counting.

The Founder Quotient: How To Measure Founder Strength
We know that high-impact companies are able to constantly face adversity and navigate changes in markets, technology and competition over extended periods of time (years – not months!). The key to this capability is outstanding founders. That is what drives our business.

Quotes for the day:

"Men who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences." -- Marcus Garvey

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." -- Auguste Rodin

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