November 24, 2012

Southampton uses GCHQ funding for biometrics research
"The new thing we're looking at is soft biometrics," said Professor Mark Nixon, an academic at the university, working in the new cyber security centre. "You can describe someone as tall, thin, or fat and then use that information to retrieve people from a video."

IT sector likely to grow at 11 pc this fiscal
"Global economy is going through challenging times, it will have some impact (on IT industry growth). The projection for IT industry growth is 11 per cent for current fiscal," Gopalakrishnan told reporters on the sidelines of an IT event held here. Slow growth in IT sector will also also cause slowdown in employment generation in the industry, though the industry will add jobs, he said.

Amazon's dead serious about the Enterprise Cloud
All the talk about big companies not wanting to put workloads on Amazon Web Services is hot air. The biggest companies already deploy workloads beyond test-and-dev on AWS. The question is: can AWS sustain that momentum as new options come online?

US school tag tracker project prompts court row
Religious reasons led Andrea Hernandez to stop wearing the tag that revealed where she was on her school campus. The tags were introduced to track students and help tighten control of school funding. A Texan court has granted a restraining order filed by a civil rights group pending a hearing on use of the tags.

Let's get together
"In the wider market economy people, customers and suppliers collaborate all the time. It's kind of the norm. Inside organisations, however, the way people are managed and led tends to discourage collaboration. When the team can't agree on something, power is delegated to the leader to make a decision."

CIOs to Look Towards Cloud for Future Business Operations
Companies across the world are incorporating cloud based solutions in their work dynamics. Given the benefits that cloud strengthens security, reliability, transparency of cost and integration, CIOs are increasingly relying on it for delivery of IT services.

Security Guru Pledges to Strengthen Critical Computers
The prospect that malware like Stuxnet could infect and disrupt critical pieces of infrastructure worries government officials and computer scientists like Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the Moscow-based antivirus company Kaspersky Lab. He has been talking about building secure operating systems for industrial systems, a subject he discussed with MIT Technology Review.

How To Apply Emotional Intelligence At Your Workplace?
When it comes to the workplace, emotions can fly. More often than not, bosses judge the staffs while customers always have to the right to complaint. You can’t underestimate the power of emotion. They will simply overwhelm you when you’re not in-charge of yourself.

Microsoft’s Free Security Tools – Portqry
This tool is a TCP/IP connectivity test tool, port scanner, and local port monitor. Portqry is useful for troubleshooting networking issues as well as verifying network security related configurations. Because of this broad functionality, I have heard some Information Technology (IT) Professionals refer to this tool as a “Swiss army knife” of tools.

There Is No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance
Employees should stop trying so hard to balance their work and life because it’s simply impossible. In this social economy, everyone is connected all of the time and there is no 9 to 5 workday anymore. When you get home from work, you still have work on your mind and are answering work-related emails. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, is famous for saying “There’s no such thing as work-life balance.

Quote for the day:

"Close scrutiny will show that most "crisis situations" are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are." -- Maxwell Maltz

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