November 05, 2012

India, Germany to up IT cooperation
India and Germany are mulling plans to form a working group to increase bilateral cooperation in the IT sector, amid increasing trade between them. The group will look at areas such as e-learning and e-medicine among other things, said German vice chancellor Philip Rosler, who met Indian IT Minister Kapil Sibal, according to a report by Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) Sunday.

Introduction to MDX for PowerPivot Users, Part 4: Filtering
The combination of the filtering functionality built into PivotTables, and the ability to delete and reorder tuples in a set without needing to edit the set expression itself that the Excel named set functionality gives you, means that you can usually implement the filters you need in PowerPivot without needing to resort to MDX.

Facebook's Lessons in Leadership
In Facebook's early days, Mark Zuckerberg was a terrible CEO. He didn't communicate well, kept things to himself, and often riled his employees. He also had a bit of an attitude. One famous example was his business card, which stated at the top: "I'm the CEO, Bitch."

On starting a new EA group
But they seldom come that with an EA reference model which is in fact the prime task of an EA without which no one should call himself an EA architect. Without the EA any solution review is subjective and road-mapping and strategy are patchy. Without EA in fact, this work is performed as it was before the advent of EA.

Two consumer analytics platforms launch in Singapore
Rajesh Balan, director of LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform at SMU, said the platform will enable organizations to utilize real-time insights, helping their campaigns go to market and assess the outcome faster. On the consumer end, it will turn what most users perceive as intrusive spam messages on their phones into something useful.

Understanding and Implementing State Pattern in C#
This article describes what is state pattern, when could we find state pattern useful and how to have a rudimentary implementation of state pattern in C#.

Predictive Analytics Model: A Spotlight Q&A with Simon Arkell of Predixion
s it relates to predictive analytics, we looked at the incumbent vendors – companies like SAS and SPSS, which is now a part of IBM. These are the technologies that have been around for quite a long time. What's broken about the model is that these are products that need highly trained experts, specifically in data science and, in many cases, people with PhDs.

Best practices for software license management
Organizations spend a fortune on licenses every year, and a lack of management around it can result in heavy fines. In some cases, CIOs of certain organizations have been taken into custody for violating norms.

RBS Group shells out further £50m over IT disaster
The banking group's 'technology incident' back in June has now cost a total of £175m, much of which has taken the form of compensation payments to affected customers of NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank.

Quote for the day:

"Remember that it is far better to follow well than to lead indifferently." -- John G. Vance

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