November 29, 2012

Keynote: The New Application Architectures
Adrian Colyer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for SpringSource and the vFabric Cloud Application Platform at VMware discusses the application architecture emerging these days defined by a departure from server-side apps to a model characterized by smart clients and services.

Top 3 Trends in Developer Testing
Most developers still do not unit test. Unit testing and test-driven development (TDD) are difficult to begin. The practice is still not taught in most computer science and engineering departments. (Though not yet mainstream, in 2012 the popularity and awareness of unit testing increased.)

The State of NoSQL
After at least four years of tough criticism, it's time to come to an intermediate conclusion about the state of NoSQL. So many things have happened around NoSQL that it is hard to get an overview and value what goals have been achieved and where NoSQL failed to deliver.

How Finding “Exceptions” Can Jump Start Your Social Initiative
Many senior executives still think of social media as something you do after hours for fun, says John Hagel, co-chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge — they haven't bought into the idea that social can drive the core performance of the business. He's committed to showing them why they're wrong.

After That What?
There are some opportunities for some nifty tools to help the ‘after that, what’ problem. As we switch more and more to mobile devices to help us cope with our life, more such tools will be useful. “After that what?’ is a good question to ask yourself, if you are looking for mobile product ideas.

Smartphones with unusual features (roundup)
These days, almost every smartphone contains the same bag of tricks, with little to differentiate handsets, apart from the hardware and maybe some software extras. There are some smartphones that stand out from the crowd for a certain physical or software feature. In no particular order, here's the current crop of unique handsets that have me looking twice

What on earth is OpenStack?
Together, NASA and Rackspace went on to create a kind of online fantasy world, where storage, resources and performance would be no object, and small startups could build their ivory towers in the clouds, knowing that when their day came, they'd be able to scale everything up, quickly and efficiently, before quickly selling their stock to Facebook.

Live and Learn
While money gets depleted over time, your experience remains with you for life. You’ll be able to leverage that know-how into a better position within your existing organization or offer it to your next employer. That being said, investing in yourself may be the best investment you’ll ever make. Period. And that begins with learning.

Hadley's guide to high-performance R with Rcpp
This guide comes from a book on writing reproducible code that Hadley's working on. You can browse the other sections of the book on GitHub — even though the book isn't yet complete there's a wealth of useful information there for any serious R programmer.

Microsoft's Free Security Tools - Summary
A good tool can save a lot of work and time for those people responsible for developing and managing software. In the series we discuss many of the benefits each tool can provide and include step by step guidance on how to use each. Given is a summary of the tools covered in the series and a brief overview of each.

A top ten for business leaders
There are growing levels of social unrest over rising inequality, austerity, unemployment, political ineptitude, institutional failure and more. And companies will continue to fail because they misread the future - like Kodak, which invented the digital camera but filed for bankruptcy after focusing on its core film business instead.

Quote for the day:

"Your job gives you authority. Your behavior gives you respect." -- Irwin Federman

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