August 23, 2013

Using social media to secure a new generation of customers
We firmly believe that by using gamification and personas like MoBo and Gyaano, we can engage customers and provide a financial learning experience that is both fun and friendly. We’re introducing young people to financial concepts while avoiding jargon and helping them understand complex scenarios. Evidence to date shows that our strategy is working.

Researchers create wallpaper that listens and measures
They are capable of taking in environmental data and wireless communication. “We originally built this for energy management in a smart building,” electrical engineering assistant professor Naveen Verma said in a release. “Temperature sensors and occupancy sensors communicate with a central management system using distributed radio arrays that are patterned on wallpaper.”

Connectivity issue caused trading problems, Nasdaq says
When Nasdaq ran into the connectivity problem Thursday afternoon it immediately issued a regulatory halt on all trading in Nasdaq-listed securities in order to protect the integrity of the markets, the statement noted. It went on to add that the technical issues with SIP were identified and resolved within 30 minutes. "For the remaining period of time, NASDAQ OMX, other exchanges, regulators and market participants coordinated with each other to ensure an orderly re-opening of trading in NASDAQ-listed securities,".

EBook: Continuous Improvement with Cycle Time
Great teams are constantly striving to improve the way they work in order to innovate and deliver faster. Meaningful, actionable data helps teams make informed decisions about what and how they can improve. Cycle time is one of the most important and helpful metrics for teams who are striving to continuously improve. In this ebook, we will discuss what cycle time is and how it can help your team improve their process and deliver faster.

Big Data Generates Some Interesting Jobs, All It Takes is a Little Creativity
In the process of exploring the avenues by which big data will deliver value to businesses, some interesting new job titles and descriptions are emerging across the industry. The new generation of jobs being spurred by Big Data are often a blend of stats-savvy and business-savvy skillsets and activities. Here is a sampling of a few of these blended positions that have recently appeared at online recruiting sites:

A Cleaner Cloud?
Google built a data center in Finland out of an old paper mill that uses a high-tech cooling system to filter cold sea water from the Bay of Finland to properly cool their servers – read more about this in Chilly Climates Ideal for Data Center Locations. Our Michigan data centers also benefit from our chilly winters and moderate temperatures, cutting down our cooling bill. Another way may be the use of renewable energy sources such as wind power.

Chinese microbloggers arrested over online rumors
Yang Xiuyu and Qin Zhihui, who each oversees a Web marketing company, were hauled in by the police which said the duo had deliberately spread rumors and defamed celebrities in a bid to generate profits, according to a Sina report Thursday. The authories added that both were paid by other companies to fabricate rumors on their Weibo accounts to damage the reputation of other competitors.

The Case for Software Lifecycle Integration
As we’ve previously noted, the tools used within the software delivery lifecycle are isolated from each other and there are an abundance of manual processes where automation should prevail. The resulting manual process for creating status and traceability reports takes time and requires the involvement of people. On large projects or projects that are spread out geographically, the amount of time required ultimately reduces the value of the information.

How Master Data Management Improves Your Understanding of the Customer
Until recently, master data management (MDM) had been regarded as one of those techie functions, deeply internal to enterprise infrastructure. As it turns out, MDM is very much a business asset that has a growing role in many areas that should matter to enterprises: strong brand presence, multichannel customer interactions, right-fit content and information, and highly variable buying journeys.

Quote for the day:

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible." -- Jonathan Swift

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