August 02, 2013

Applying a Life Cycle Framework to Implementing a Governance Model
Establishing structured communications will maintain linkages throughout the levels of governance and assure that the organizational strategy, mission, vision, and desired outcomes are maintained and aligned. This alignment can provide assurance to the organization, knowing that the outcomes of the performing initiatives are meeting its goals, as the predefined process provides the proper oversight to the responsible individuals. When governance is working correctly, the organization will be performing at an optimal point.

Quality of Risk Data Top Concern Among Risk Managers
Fewer than a quarter of respondents rated their technology and systems as “extremely or very effective” with data management/maintenance, data process architecture/workflow logic, or data governance, according to “Global Risk Management Survey, Eighth Edition: Setting a Higher Bar,” a new risk management report from Deloitte.

How to align your IT Strategy skillfully
“It is no longer about which products to buy; it is about a strategic approach followed to leverage the technological advancement. For example, it is about “how to treat big data in a different fashion which can help my organisation,” and therefore have negotiations around that with the vendor,” says Parikh. ... “The prioritisation is done based on a scale of vitals, essentials and desirables, and future CIOs need to spot the high business impact items for better alignment of the IT strategy to drive business growth,” points out Kumar.

Selling cloud-based communications starts with a hybrid sale
Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers must adjust their selling strategies to match their customers' basic business needs by finding ways to work with the infrastructure customers already have installed. Enterprises with premises-based UC systems are not going to swap them out overnight, said Ken Landoline, principal analyst of unified communications and contact center research for Washington, D.C.-based Current Analysis Inc.

Utilities Behind the Big Data Curve
That shortage is one reason the industry is falling short when it comes to putting the data it collects to better use. Compounding the problem is that most utilities still take a siloed approach to their data, according to Guerry Waters, vice president for industry strategy at Oracle Utilities. “The utility industry needs to take an enterprise view of the data,” he says.

USB will soon catch up to Thunderbolt with 10Gbps speeds
Both the SuperSpeed 3.1 and the USB Power Delivery specification initiatives are in the implementation enabling phase where the functional components for each are being developed and component suppliers are working with platform and peripheral manufacturers, the spokesman said. "While some products sporting these latest technologies are potentially going to reach the market next year, 2015 is when both will likely gain a more measurable impact," he added.

The virtues of database as a service
The key initial driver is the move to more single-purpose databases. Its use in the public cloud is largely driven by small tactical enterprise IT projects that end up using database-as-a-service providers out of sheer need for the technology, as well as limited budgets. Once, Oracle was the default choice for databases, but that's no longer the case.

Luc Levesque of Trip Advisor, on Frequent Evaluations
“Wouldn’t it be great if you had a blueprint to give someone on Day 1 that encapsulates what works with me and what are some of the quirks about me that you’re just going to have to accept?” So I wrote it up, and started sharing it with my team. It’s worked really well. ... Another is no finger-pointing if something goes wrong, so fall on your sword. We’re all in this together. We move very fast and we’re going to make mistakes.

Risk and complexity: Businesses need to get a grip
From risks around cybersecurity to supply chain concerns to fast-changing trends around cloud computing, the pace of change and pressures on businesses to adjust well have never been higher. To gain a fuller grip on such risk and complexity, The Open Group is shepherding a series of standards and initiatives to provide better tools for understanding and managing true operational dependability. BriefingsDirect sat down with the President and CEO of The Open Group, Allen Brown, at the July conference to gather an update on the efforts.

Quote for the day:

"Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great." -- Fernando Flores

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