August 20, 2013

Full calendar – A complete web diary system for jQuery and C# MVC
This article describes using the very fine open source JQuery plugin “FullCalendar” by Adam Shaw to develop an appointment booking system. ... The aim of this article is give you almost everything you need, that you can tweak immediately, to bring diary/appointment functionality to your MVC application. This is a complete walk-through including setup of a linked EF database in SQL. I am going to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to help speed things along.

Blaster worm: Lessons learned a decade later
Worms like Blaster are bad for their business, and I think thats why we havent seen similarly-sized incidents since. The underlying technology problems have not been solved. The root cause of Blaster was a vulnerability in Microsofts operating systems. But the contributing factor which exponentially increased the impact of the worm was the fact that Microsoft's customers were not properly managing their technology infrastructures.

'Brain in a Box' Gets Us One Step Closer to the Borg
Those would be "neurosynaptic chips" stemming from IBM's SyNAPSE project headed by Dharmendra S. Modha, unveiled in August 2011. In a video, Modha called the new system a "brain in a box." Now IBM is sharing with the world its vision of a new programming language and surrounding software ecosystem to take advantage of the chips, partially in response to the Big Data phenomenon.

5 Points to Consider before choosing a Security SaaS Solution
Most large enterprises have not quite adopted cloud all the way yet because of this very reason and also because not all enterprise applications are available through the cloud but are trending that way. The optimal way to look at this situation is to do a total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) analysis, factoring in the risk of remote employees not keeping their systems up to date with security.

3 Major Trends in New Discovery Analytics
Conversations about visual discovery are beginning to include data discovery, and vendors are developing and delivering such tool sets today. It is well-known that while big data profiling and the ability to visualize data give us a broader capacity for understanding, there are limitations that can be addressed only through data mining and techniques such as clustering and anomaly detection. In this context, we see a number of tools with different architectural approaches tackling this obstacle.

Database administration best practice: Balance DBA team skills
DBA direction comes from the implicit business needs of the company, said Michelle Malcher, DBA team lead at DRW Holdings, a Chicago-based trading organization. If the business is looking for more production support from the database administration system, the group should probably be categorized under operations. If there is a need to pursue more new programming projects, then the team needs to work under the aegis of a development group, Malcher said.

Set the right Linux extended attributes, enjoy better file security
Linux extended attributes are a useful security addition to complement or counteract default functionality in the file system. To continue the example above, applying "i" extended attributes as an extra layer of protection to files in a user's home directory will prevent the user from removing all files from their home directory, even if the user has permission to delete these files by default.

What wearable computing is really all about
We'll see a wide variety of wearable devices that clip onto clothing. Sony, as an early example, will soon ship its Sony Smart Bluetooth Handset SBH52, a clip-on device that relays audio to and from any Bluetooth device. You can use it like a phone (as in hold it up to your ear and talk). It also has an FM radio. Think of this device as a halfway technology between a Bluetooth headset and a clip-on wearable device.

NPulse adds full indexing to 10g packet capture appliance
At high data rates like 10 Gbps, writing all packets to disk is only the first challenge, Frey said. Retrieving those packets and recreating sessions is just as difficult. "Finding the right data requires fast access if you want to get an answer to your problem in the next 15 minutes." The amount of packets a CPX appliance captures and writes to disk -- typically on a NetApp storage array -- grows quickly for some organizations.

Quote for the day:

"Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it." -- Brian Tracy

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