August 14, 2013

Neohapsis: IPv4 plus IPv6 enables man-in-the-middle attacks
One aspect of man-in-the-middle attacks that surprises even hardcore hackers is that this issue has been out there for so long. "It was originally discussed in an RFC document,Security implications of IPv6, when hardcore security engineers identified the issue and warned that if you have an IPv4 network it may be possible to set up a rogue IPv6 network on top of it," Behrens said.

My First Words on Oracle’s SPARC T5 Processor — The World’s Fastest Microprocessor?
SPARC T5 outperforms the 2008-era result by about 35%. On the other hand, the Intel two-socket Xeon E5 result delivers 31% better results in this type of performance assessment. Finally, the Intel 8-socket Xeon E7 result outperformed SPARC T5 by 76%. If customers care about both response time and cost these are important data points.

Three Fixes for Common Mobile Banking Performance Problems
In their relatively new role as mobile app and mobile web developers, banks are hitting many speed bumps — glitches, 404 errors, slow response times, and crashes that drive customers to frustration and sometimes to the apps of competitors. Resolving these is important as mobile banking usage continues to rise. Experts identify several typical problems that crop up with mobile banking apps and sites.

No, your data isn't secure in the cloud
Experts say there's simply no way to ever be completely sure your data will remain secure once you've moved it to the cloud. "You have no way of knowing. You can't trust anybody. Everybody is lying to you," said security expert Bruce Schneier. "How do you know which platform to trust? They could even be lying because the U.S. government has forced them to."

Where does OpenStack go from here?
We know that the next release, Havana, won't include that many new features. From where I sit, the two big ones are: Metering: For central collection of metering/monitoring data for use in for billing systems and the like; and Orchestration: Code-named Heat, this is is a template-based orchestration engine It will orchestrate cloud infrastructure resources such as storage, networking, instances, and applications into a repeatable running environment

Open source code management: How to safely use open source libraries
Some may believe the risks posed by the use of open source code in enterprise applications are limited because in many cases open source code use is limited to specific application components. However, components of an application almost always run with the full privilege of the application, so flaws in any single component should be taken seriously.

Don't Just Lead, Coach
"I want team members to be empowered. I want them to own their deliverables. I want them to have creativity." But that comes with coaching, "as I want to make sure we're still going to win the tournament at the end of the day." For Robinson, being a good leader means hiring smart people -- smarter than herself, even. "You want to hire people who are smarter than you and complement your skill sets and then make sure the value your team brings to the table is the complement of all those skill sets."

US and Germany to Enter No-spying Agreement, German Government Says
The no-spying agreement talks were announced as part of a progress report on an eight-point program proposed by German Chancellor Angela MerkelA in July with measures to better protect the privacy of German citizens. The plan was drafted "due to the current discussions about the work of the intelligence services," the German government said.

Innovation Requires Structure
Highly innovative organizations might have ping pong and Foosball tables, but they also have structure, expectations, and processes. If my other examples weren’t clear or relevant enough for you, we’ll talk in organizational language for a second. Think about it this way – organizations have goals like adding new products, raising profits, improving productivity, reducing cost, (as examples) – and innovation is required to achieve these things.

Quote for the day:

"The real leader has no need to lead - he is content to point the way." -- Henry Miller

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