August 15, 2013

How Agile Methodology Works in Fixed Bid and Fixed Date Contracts
Most Project Managers think that practicing Agile methodology in FPFS projects is not possible. Watch as agile coach Tushar Somaiya providing interesting tips on Agile methodology for FPFS projects. He believes in a democratic organization & self-organizing teams. He calls himself a servant leader. Through his NueroScience based coaching & consulting, he has helped projects and organizations turn agile and become truly high performing teams.

Breach Detection Systems take aim at targeted persistent attacks
“The BDS, NGIPS, and NGFW products are similar in that all three can contain signatures and heuristics for identifying malware. However, a BDS separates itself from the pack with its ability to analyze the patterns of network traffic, identify malicious domains, and model the behavior/impact of files that are being downloaded and executed on an attack surface.

7 Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Not sleeping well has implications beyond feeling groggy the next day. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase stress levels and increase the incidence of depression and anxiety. It can also be a major contributor to poor food choices and weight gain. In other words, when you don't get enough sleep, you're not operating at your greatest potential. Poor sleep could even be getting in the way of your success.

Agile in Fixed Price Fixed Scope projects - Hybrid Contracts
The Fixed Price (FP) Fixed Scope (FS) contracts offer very limited opportunity for vendors to practice Agile methodology. Making either FP or FS elastic will give some room for practicing Agile methodology. Let us explore how this can be accomplished in the contracts. Both the above contracting models requires a high level of trust between both the vendors and the clients.

Your Car Can Show You How Agile Estimation Works
When I was done, I could see that I would need 4 tanks of gas for my forecasted trips. So how could we correlate this approach to software project estimation? First, in software development, our “trips” are user stories. And similar to the process we used on trips, we have the team look at each user story and determine its impact to a sprint. In software development, a sprint is our “tank of gas”.

Clouds are backing up clouds, with more choices on tap
The feature is designed to give customers more assurance that they will still be able to get to their data even if their primary cloud platform fails. Nasuni has never experienced a service outage and customers are already covered by service-level agreements, but Cloud Mirroring can give them one more layer of assurance, Nasuni said.

Big Data Security: The Evolution of Hadoop’s Security Model
Since the security redesign, Hadoop’s security model has by and large stayed the same. Over time, some components of the Hadoop ecosystem have applied their own security as a layer over Hadoop – for example, Apache Accumulo provides cell-level authorization, and HBase provides access controls at the column and family level.

Agile Testing is Not about Automation
Regardless of the nature and size of the project, an organization can adopt Agile testing to avail a number of advantages. However, many people still consider the innovative testing is synonymous with automation testing. The automation testing is, no doubt, an important and integral part of each Agile software testing strategy. But the main aim of the strategy is to ensure that Agile testing is seamlessly integrated with the entire application development process.

European Union Check-Up: Malicious Websites Hosted in the EU
Today more and more attackers are using websites to attempt to distribute malware and steal credentials. As I wrote about recently, we see that drive-by downloads are now the top threat detected in enterprise environments. Malicious websites typically appear to be legitimate and often provide no outward indicators of their malicious nature. In many cases, these sites are legitimate websites that have been compromised by malware, SQL injection, or other techniques.

Quote for the day:

"In a crisis if I had only an hour I'd spend the first 50 minutes defining the problem and the last 10 minutes solving it." -- Albert Einstein

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