August 10, 2013

Employee engagement is about human relationships not human resources
A recent report said that 40% of the whole workforce in the USA is ‘freelance’. This is a growing trend and will have big implications for how work is done, contracted and delivered by organisations and networks of freelancers in competition or collaboration. This is going to have serious implications for employee engagement too. Money, regardless of what many people say, still matters when it comes to employee engagement and knowledge workers.

Tools To Hack Android Phones Are Getting Easier To Use
Security research firm Symantec recently highlighted a remote access tool (or RAT) known as AndroRAT being exchanged in underground forums, which together with a new tool called a binder, allow attackers to scrape personal information from an Android phone. ... Once a would-be cracker has downloaded the remote access tool, they can use the binder to package AndroRAT into a legitimate-looking app, such as a game like Angry Birds.

NSA 'secret backdoor' paved way to U.S. phone, e-mail snooping
In response to a CNET article at the time, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a statement saying: "The statement that a single analyst can eavesdrop on domestic communications without proper legal authorization is incorrect and was not briefed to Congress." Clapper never elaborated, however, on what "proper" authorization would be.

ebizQ eGuide: Cloud BPM
Moving business processes to cloud environments may sound like a reasonably simple undertaking. But deciding which processes to migrate--and when and how to do so -- involves some complex questions. This guide aims to provide some answers by compiling expert advice from ebizQ and other TechTarget sites. ... Get advice straight from the experts in this collection of podcasts about cloud processes.

Legacy software support is no reason to maintain outdated constructs
There's no reason to maintain DOS drive letters anymore. There's no argument good enough. There's no legacy software worth it. It's time to grow up. It's time to leave that part of the past behind us. Drive letters should only be the topic of geeky conversations that I'll walk away from. Sorry drive letter fans, it's time to birth a new legacy: Drive letters.

Reinventing the CIO as Chief Interaction Officer
‘Information' is a commodity, ‘Interaction' is business value. Companies can no longer sustain the 3x investment required to attract new business. Instead, they need to drive more business and higher value deals from existing customers. That's why nearly 90% of CEOs rank customer engagement as their primary initiative.

Using automated analytics in Agile development
One way we've broken the silence is by using Application Lifecycle Intelligence, pulling together the data the team generates while working, writing code and implementing the product. This data is being captured in so many systems. By automating the process of capturing this data, digesting the data and understanding the association between the data, we can use analytics to give us a high level of transparency.

IBM Opens Up Power Design, Partners with Google
Google designs its own servers, and the search company could design its own integrated chip -- also called system-on-chip -- based on the Power architecture, said Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research. That development is tied to one of IBM's goals -- to push Power-based chips into more servers, which could prop up the company's other businesses, McCarron said.

Scaling Dropbox
"Every time we tried to be clever about architecture we failed" muses Eranki. Hopes to use clever data structures like Bloom Filters to manage distributed hash tables never panned out against simple database sharding. Plans to use clever distributed sharding schemes for their MySQL databases proved more complex than a pragmatic master-slave architecture.

Mozilla links Gmail with Persona for email-based single sign-on
Because most internet users haven't registered with a Persona IdP, however – and many don't even know such things exist – Mozilla has developed Identity Bridging as a stopgap measure until Persona is more widely supported. A Persona Identity Bridge authenticates users using either the OpenID or OAuth protocols – most major email providers offer one or the other – and then translates the results into the Persona protocol for use with Persona-enabled websites.

Quote for the day:

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart." -- Thomas Watson

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