August 05, 2013

Disappointing News about SQL Server 2014
What's not fair, however, is to assume that a 16-core server running SQL Server Standard Edition only needs (or can only use) up to 4GB of Memory per core. In fact, that idea is patently ludicrous—given server hardware configurations today. It's also a bit galling to the spirit of SQL Server licensing that has existed in the past where customers paid to license the amount of computing power they were harnessing with SQL Server

PayPal co-founder on 'putting data to work' in healthcare with Glow app
"It turns out to be, as many things are in health, an information problem," Levchin reflected. Thus, Levchin declared Glow, which launched earlier this year, as "the first attempt" in making fertility (and later other medical treatments) more affordable thanks to information being made more readily available and actionable. "The fundamental truism of data-driven companies is you either talk about it or take the principal risk," Levchin remarked.

12 predictive analytics screw-ups
"Data mining is the art of making comparisons," says Dean Abbott, president of Abbott Analytics, which was retained for the project. Because the company had rules in place that always applied the exact same actions, Abbott had no idea which sequence would work better for collecting debts. "You need historical examples," he says. And if you don't have those examples, you need to create them through a series of intentionally planned experiments so that you can gather that data.

The trouble with VDI
there's the eternal network bandwidth problem. When your users are in the office, with Gigabit Ethernet and sufficient 802.11n Wi-Fi, delivering a solid desktop experience is easy. But, when your workers are often on the road with three to five Mbps DSL connections or over-subscribed Wi-Fi access points, it's another story. More often than not, there's insufficient bandwidth to deliver a quality experience.

Password Verification Security Loophole
Leighton Nelson asked an interesting Oracle security question via Twitter yesterday regarding Oracle’s built-in password verification functions and whether or not it can be bypassed by changing the way you create a user. Steve Karam says "Yes" and demonstrates the same through this blog post. As he explains any one with create / alter user privilege can bypass the password verification.

DataStax helps enterprises offload Oracle
“20 of the Fortune 100 have moved from Oracle to Datastax. We are a better fit for modern applications.” According to Ellis, relational database technologies such as Oracle are inadequate for powering modern online line-of-business applications. ... One of the companies using DataStax is eBay, which is running 250 TByte Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise cluster. Other businesses using DataStax include the movie streaming service, Netflix and Thomson Reuters.

Traffic Manager Overview
Although Traffic Manager conceptually routes traffic to a given service, the actual process is slightly different because it uses DNS. No actual service traffic routes through Traffic Manager. The user’s computer calls the cloud service directly when Traffic Manager resolves the DNS entry for the company domain to the IP address of the cloud service.

Three things Oracle has done to become a big cloud player
The moves are not just significant for Oracle; the partnerships that the company has garnered are significant to the partnering with Microsoft and Salesforce, too. And they’ll also reverberate across the industry to competing companies such as Amazon Web Services and SAP, predicts Holger Mueller, vice president at Constellation Research who recently published a report about these developments.

Tech Industry Leaders Appeal for Laxer Intellectual Property Laws
"They use the cost of litigation as a club to extort settlements out of companies that actually do things," Van Lindberg, vice president of intellectual property at the open source cloud provider Rackspace, told members of the Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on IP and the Internet. "If there is something that you could do to encourage innovation in America, it is to stop the patent troll problem and to really help us with this litigation abuse."

Researchers reveal methods behind car hack at Defcon
"If the only thing that keeps our cars safe is that no one bothers to do this kind of research, then they're not really secure," Miller said. "I think it's better to lay it all out, find the problems and start talking about them." However, fixing the issues won't be easy because most of them are there by design, according to Miller. Car manufacturers won't be able to just issue a patch, the researcher said. "They'll have to change the way these systems are made."

Quote for the day:

"Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities" -- Walter Scott

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