August 06, 2013

W3C defines local Web storage API
You won't be able to use the Web storage API for large documents or data sets. The W3C document recommends that each Web site or service limit the Web Storage data to 5MBs. The actual amount of local Web Storage on your device varies from Web browser to Web browser and even from version to version. That's still enough to make HTML5 applications much more useful.

Alternative project management styles are faster than multitasking
The best alternative, if you can manage it, is to commit to just one project for the duration of the iteration. This is called project portfolio management. Some group of decision makers in the organization decides which project is number 1, which project is number 2, which project is number 3, and so on down the line. They assign the projects to the teams and let the teams know the rank order of the projects.

U.S. cloud industry stands to lose $35 billion amid PRISM fallout
"The United States has both the most to gain and the most to lose," writes report author Daniel Castro, citing job growth and revenue dependent on the U.S. exporting cloud computing services. The "low end" scenario estimates assumes the U.S. loses about 10 percent of its foreign market to European or Asian competitors, or $21.5 billion over the next three years.

US IT worker files hiring lawsuit against Infosys
The lawsuit, citing comments from former Infosys employees, alleges that more than 90 percent of the company's 15,000 U.S. employees are foreign workers, with most of them from South Asia. The company is using H-1B visas to hire foreign workers "to performA jobs for which there are qualified American workers available," the lawsuit said.

Enterprise Private PaaS Adoption and Differentiation
While Public PaaS only requires a simple, on-demand subscription process and uploading code into the Cloud, Private PaaS requires transforming enterprise IT deployment models, monitoring and management systems, operation processes, funding models, and platform configuration options. Changing internal IT processes, infrastructure, and people skills is not easy, and often, complicated IT initiatives do not obtain the initially promoted lofty goals.

NuoDB 1.2 is Packed with Previews and Fixes
Note that our new "Preview" offerings are just that - a look at what's coming, a.ka. beta features. These will give you the chance to start using them now, knowing they are far enough along in development to try, but not quite 100% of where we expect to take them. Some will require a Beta program sign-up for participation, and some you can go straight to download and use now.

One in every five tablets will be an enterprise device by 2017
Enterprise tablets will make up around 12 percent of the 186 million tablets that Forrester expects to be in use in 2013. However, business adoption for internal and customer-facing purposes will drive tablets to become 18 percent all tablets in use by 2017, according to the company's latest global business and consumer tablet forecast update.

Linda Rising presents more practical advice about the Agile mindset
Rising described the growth mindset as an "Agile mindset" because in Agile environments, we are encouraged to learn from our mistakes. The idea of failing fast and improving, as promoted with Agile teams, is aligned with the growth mindset. Those who practice this Agile way of thinking do indeed continue to grow and learn more readily than those with the fixed mindset. If we think we can grow, we do. If we think we can't, we don't.

Microsoft Going All In with Hadoop and Hortonworks
"It is a bit different for us," Clark admitted, to work on such an open source project in view of its strong brands in the data platform space, such as SQL Server and Excel. But he said the move made sense for Microsoft and Hortonworks was the best partner. "We're putting our shoulder now firmly behind their distribution on Windows," he said.

Wrangling WebRTC: Challenges and Opportunities for Real-time Communication
Gustavo Garcia, Architect at TokBox explores actual use cases for real time communication in verticals ranging from telepresence to healthcare, where WebRTC fits and where it falls short, and what developers can do.

Quote for the day:

"The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching" -- Dennis Green

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