February 24, 2013

Keeping Up With the Future: Risk Management for Rapid Technology Adoption
That rumbling you hear? It's the pace of change quickening for organizations thanks to advances in technology. That pace is having an impact on risk profiles; companies no longer have the luxury of time to adapt to new paradigms or threats. Fortunately there are ways to mitigate the changes so that organizations don't have to feel like they're being steamrolled by the future.

How to Create a Company Culture That People Will Be Excited to Join
It takes a certain type of person to join a startup. The ideal candidates can demonstrate risk tolerance and flexibility, as their roles are bound to evolve with the changing needs of the business. Those that combine talent with the ability to roll up their sleeves to get the job done, even if it isn't technically theirs, are the ones you’ll want with you in the trenches. These people are out there, but it can be a challenge to not only find them but also make the case for them to join your business instead of another one.

Why Are There No True Cross-platform Filesystems?
Yulian Kuncheff has this valid question: Over the last few months I have made it so that my PC desktop runs Windows 8, Linux Mint 14, and OSX Mountain Lion. ... everything works nicely and I have the development environments I need on all 3 platforms ... So that no matter which platform I am on, I just work as normal. But there is one massive thorn in my entire setup. Filesystems. After so many years of multiple OSes, I am surprised that there isn’t a single filesystem that is truely cross-platform and modern.

The Three Pillars of High Performance Teams
“The more decisions a leader makes, the further he or she is from leading a high-performance team. … Make too many command decisions, and you’ll doom yourself and your team to mediocrity,” Mark Miller in, “The Secret of Teams.” Everyone serious about success is serious about teams. Great teams lift organizations. Lousy teams drain everyone. Mark Miller explains three pillars of successful teams.

The 9 most popular arguments for targets deconstructed
Hundreds of researchers, academics, bloggers, psychologists, managers, more bloggers, statisticians authors have written about the damage caused by targets. It isn’t an abstract problem, targets can kill. But politicians, civil servants, managers, HR people, consultants and pundits all over the world think they know better. People continue to argue targets have their place. What are their arguments?

Google Fixes 22 Flaws in Chrome, Slams Silent Add-ons
Google yesterday released Chrome 25, patching 22 vulnerabilities and debuting a new security feature that blocks silent installations of add-ons. The latter is Chrome 25's most noticeable change to users. It automatically disables third-party add-ons that are installed on the sly by other software. Add-ons -- Google calls them "extensions" -- that were previously installed by third-party software will also be barred from running.

Modern.ie Helps Developers Test Code for Browsers
modern.ie, developed by Microsoft consists of free tools and resources used for testing code and sites using various versions of Internet Explorer. It includes a code detection wizard which addresses common coding problems that result from supporting older versions of IE. The engine scans the requested website for HTML5 compatibility problems and also provides the hints and tips to enable your site to work properly across various browsers and mobile devices.

Google's Chromebook Pixel: An even worse idea than Windows 8
Windows 8 may have gotten poor reviews for its tablet-based interface forced onto traditional PCs and laptops, but Google's Chromebook Pixel makes that look like a design of genius. Who would want to spend top-dollar for a laptop that lacks serious storage, runs Web-based apps rather than client apps, and isn't much use when not connected to the Web?

Can Microsoft bring BI to the masses if the Excel 2013 masses can't get BI?
Excel has become a cornerstone of Microsoft's business-intelligence strategy. With Excel 2010, Microsoft made PowerPivot -- one of its prime data-analytics technologies -- available for use by anyone with any edition of Excel 2010 by installing the PowerPivot for Excel add-in. But with Excel 2013, the latest version of Microsoft's spreadsheet program, only those with the Office Professional Plus version of the new Office will have full access to Excel 2013's BI capabilities.

Engage or die: Five lessons from a CIO innovation workshop
Despite the complexity of achieving CIO value, relevance, and influence IT is a service function and success demands that we adopt a spirit of genuine humility and helpfulness toward users. In the innovation report mentioned earlier, Erich Matola, now CIO of Colorado State University at Pueblo, summarizes this perspective: "we also have to be a service organization and … really humble in a sense that everybody, all your customers are important… I instill that in my staff…"

Quote for the day:

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. " -- Lou Holtz

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