February 06, 2013

Smart security spending requires assigning a value to information
The harsh reality is that CISOs are at a competitive disadvantage because, while cyber criminals have well-developed business plans, CISOs do not. Forrester has spoken to many CISOs who tell us they do "a pretty good job at budgeting," but struggle to define a clear business case for security spending. When pressed further, however, most ultimately admit they are not sure whether they are really good at what they do or are just lucky.

MySQL 5.6 tackles NoSQL competitors
MySQL now offers a way to more quickly access data, by way of the Memcached API (application programming interface). MySQL doesn't actually use Memcached but harnesses its API -- familiar to many system administrators -- as an interface to fetch data directly from the database, without going through the database engine. The approach can deliver data up to nine times more quickly, for data that does not need to be parsed by SQL.

jOOPL: object-oriented programming for JavaScript
The worst part is JavaScript is not an object-oriented programming language: it is prototype-oriented, which is a weak approach to leverage few features of a full-fledged object-oriented platform. ... "jOOPL" stands for "JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Library". It is just that: a light-weight, easy-to-use and just object-oriented programming library allowing pure JavaScript to leverage more advanced features

Bad Kaspersky antivirus update prevents business and home users from accessing websites
A faulty antivirus update issued by Kaspersky Lab on Monday left many of its home and business customers unable to access any websites on their computers. Systems administrators using Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) on their corporate networks started reporting the problem on Kaspersky's support forum on Monday afternoon, Eastern Time. The reports kept piling up until late in the evening.

BI and Mobile Users
In this video Cindi Howson, founder of BIScorecard, and Jim Ericson, editorial director of Information-Management.com, discuss observations about increased interest in bringing BI to new classes of users and how mobile improves adoption of BI and dashboards at the executive level

Just Call Someone Already
Much worse than the inefficiency of using e-mail to set up phone calls are the missed opportunities and unnecessary misunderstandings that come when we use e-mail instead of phone calls. That happens far more often than is prudent. We use e-mail to avoid conflict. We use it to avoid feeling uncomfortable. To overcome shyness, inferiority complexes, doubts, apprehensions, and all manner of other psychological and emotional problems.

Managers Who Use KPIs For Evil, Not Good
Usually those KPIs are not within the complete control of the individuals they measure, and it leads to two negative consequences: people will either fudge the figures or scam the system. And this is exactly the opposite of what we want, which is to improve performance. It certainly is a tough one, because trying to make a big-KPI-stick-weilding manager do a 180 degree turn-around is no small task. We have to aim our bullets right at the heart of the problem.

After WCIT, US Lawmakers Look for Ways to Advance Internet Freedom
During WCIT, 89 countries voted to approve a treaty, which calls on member states to "collectively endeavor" to ensure the security of networks and to "take necessary measures" to prevent spam. That vague language could lead some nations to snoop on Internet communications or limit free speech, critics have said. The conference was a "rude awakening" for the U.S. and its allies pushing for an uncensored Internet, McDowell said.

5 Years Journey of TOGAF in China is Just a Beginning for EA
As an enterprise architecture framework introduced in China in 2007 by the team of Mr. Yao, trainees of end users found that the content is just too high-level and conceptual. Also the trainers only went through what has been written on the textbook without industry-specific cases or practice related information, which is not relevant and hard to apply.

ISpirt to co-exist with Nasscom
"Software companies are not breaking away from NASSCOM, but forming a think tank to co-exist with the industry body," clarifies Sharad Sharma, one among the founders of iSpirt. "In fact, NASSCOM is an industry body with members and we differentiate ourselves as a think-tank that include 'founders' and 'fellows' who support the group. ..." emphasizes Sharma.

Quote for the day:

"I don't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." -- John Cage

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