February 16, 2013

Data Laboratory: Is It For You?
What would the purpose of a data laboratory be? I think that the following ideas are strong candidates: Identify what value can be extracted from existing enterprise data; Identify value that may be present for the enterprise in new data sources that can be acquired externally or internally; Synthesize new "data compounds" through the "chemistry" of data integration and assess them for business value; Distill new information products from the raw data resources; and Figure out how to work around existing data deficiencies.

Hadoop to Be Pervasive By 2015
While IT organizations conduct trials over the next few years, especially with Hadoop-enabled database management system (DBMS) products and appliances, application providers will go one step further and embed purpose-built, Hadoop-based analysis functions within packaged applications. The trend is most noticeable so far with cloud-based packaged application offerings, and this will continue.

Ericsson and Gemalto Work to Simplify M2m with Embedded SIMs
The use of embedded SIMs has several advantages, according to Blockstrand. So-called late binding allows the SIM card to be activated later in the production process of a car, for example, he said. The embedded SIM card can be remotely activated when it arrives in the country where it will be sold, instead of someone locally having to put a card in every car.

How Cisco’s Learning Network Became a Social Hub for the IT Industry
Five years ago, Learning@Cisco, the educational services division of Cisco Systems, built a social network platform it called the Cisco Learning Network to help teach and train people who wanted to learn how to become certified by Cisco. But since then it has grown to become a portal for the entire IT industry with over 2 million users who share information on everything from Cisco certification to job searches. It has allowed Cisco to differentiate its brand, create loyal customers, mine for marketing insights and influence the market.

A ‘Golden Era’ of Insight: Big Data’s Bright Future
Eric Horvitz, distinguished scientist at Microsoft and co-director of Microsoft Research’s Redmond lab sees a future where machines, fueled by large amounts of data, can become “empowering, lifelong digital companions” who know what you want or need (be it pizza or medicine), where you want to go (be it Hawaii or the most traffic-free route to the ball game) and generally work with a passion on your behalf.

Joy at Work: It's Your Right
Achieving joy at work is not only possible; it's a necessity. I've come to appreciate that happiness on the job is a leading indicator of an individual's ability to sustain high levels of passion, performance, and productivity over the long run. If we can uncover our true gifts and find work that makes regular use of them, we've fulfilled our responsibility to use them wisely and we've optimized our chances for claiming our right to enjoy the process.

Google Retail Stores Could Be a Smart Move, Analysts Say
Google is in the process of building its own retail stores and hopes to have the first stores open in time for the holidays in major U.S. metropolitan areas, according to a report Friday in 9to5Google, which cited an unnamed, "extremely reliable" source. "Google feels right now that many potential customers need to get hands-on experience with its products before they are willing to purchase," the website reported.

Actionable analytics top CIO priority
"Solutions architects should work with business analysts, subject matter experts and business managers to develop an understanding of the kinds of business decisions that will be made and let computers make decisions that are structured and repeatable to conserve people's time and attention for the thinking and actions that computers cannot do," concludes the Gartner report.

Is direct current power the silver bullet for data center efficiency?
Direct current or alternating current can be used at high voltages for power transmission, but AC has been the main choice to date. Trying to eliminate the transformation losses for the transmission stage is unlikely to be workable. It's pretty much the same at the distribution level; changing the existing infrastructure from AC to DC is not going to be easy, and there would still be a need to use high-voltage DC, so transformation is still required.

Why Application Performance Management Matters Now
One of the lesser-known APM systems, OpNet, in Bethesda, Md., has a product line that corresponds to several of these steps, including AppResponse Xpert for monitoring the end user experience, network and application; AppTransaction Xpert for "deep transaction performance analysis and prediction," according to its descriptor on the OpNet (now part of Riverbed) website; and AppMapper Xpert for mapping an application's parts and dependencies.

Quote for the day:

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." -- Henry David Thoreau

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