February 09, 2013

Implementing EA with TOGAF framework and ArchiMate modeling language
EA has a diverse audience that has business and technical backgrounds, and each of the stakeholders needs to be addressed in a language that is understood by all. Therefore, essential qualifications for EA tools are: rigidity when it comes to the management and maintenance of knowledge and flexibility when it comes to the analysis (ad-hoc, what-if, etc.), presentation, and communication of the information to diverse audiences.

If the PC dies, Windows 8 will be its killer, says analyst
Buffone predicted that 2013 would see even more of the move toward mobile devices for those tasks. But until Windows 8 makes headway, he saw little chance that consumers would dump their PCs in dusty back rooms or closets. "Windows 8 on tablets could change that," Buffone said, "but from the sales so far, it's not going to be rapid."

A Declaration of the Interdependence of Cyberspace
Seventeen years ago, on February 8, 1996, John Perry Barlow sent out his manifesto "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace," a statement of the core belief of many cyber-libertarians that governments should have no authority on the Internet. That belief may seem quaint to many of us today, when the separation between the real and the virtual is growing ever fuzzier. And yet the Declaration remains a fairly accurate representation of the views of many of the anti-government voices on the Internet.

Streaming is replacing the web as we know it
Soon, David Gelernter says, "the web will be history." Along with killing the operating system, browser and search, the meaning of “computer” is changing as well: "Whether large or small (e.g., a smartphone), a computer’s main function in the near future will be tuning in to — as a car radio tunes in a broadcast station — the constantly flowing global cyberflow. We won’t care much about the computer devices themselves since we’ll be more focused on the world of information … and our lives as attached to it."

The Mounting Case for Cloud Access Brokers
The least disruptive - and most efficient - means of addressing this disconnect is to insert into the data center architecture an access broker tier, a layer of dynamic access and identity management services designed to provide federation and unification of credentials across cloud and data center resources based on the organization's authoritative source of identity.

Tears and Fears: Dealing With a Crying Colleague
Having an employee cry in front of the whole team isn’t good for the group, and obviously, isn’t good for the employee. So, at the first sign of trouble, it’s a great idea to guide that person to a more private area. A spare office or conference room works great

Would push notifications for HTML5 apps kill native apps?
All that we need to get around this problem is enabling a browser based app to receive push notification. For example when a user adds a browser app onto a home screen, that app should be able to access the OS API, register itself for push notifications with its own push notification certificate and from that point on it acts as any other native app. The user could even be able to modify its behavior via OS settings.

I.B.M. Slims Down Its Big Data Offerings
The lower price is also a bid for the small- and medium-size business market, as these companies seek to adopt Big Data computing. “This brings the entry point down quite a bit and opens the way for more businesses to use Power technology as a preferred environment,” said Steven A. Mills, senior vice president for software and hardware systems at I.B.M.

Attention, Big Data Enthusiasts: Here’s What You Shouldn’t Ignore
The analysis firm IDC says the world’s information is doubling every two years. With this rate of data production, it means that some of the data is falling by the wayside when it is not put to immediate use. Many in the industry refer to this as “Dark Data”. When data goes dark, it means a missed opportunity and it leaves a big hole in any business strategy when it comes to obtaining valuable, actionable information on consumers.

Forrester: Systems of engagement will revolutionise tech by 2018
According to analyst Brian Hopkins, the hot technology trends of today – such as mobile, big data and cloud computing – are likely to be run-of-the-mill by 2015. “If you are only looking at these emerging technologies now, you are likely to get smacked in the face when you blink,” he wrote in a blog post.

Quote for the day:

‎"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" -- Peter Drucker

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