February 28, 2013

In-Memory Technology: Keeping Pace with Your Data
In-memory technology presents two major advantages over traditional disk-based technologies. The first is speed. By storing all relevant data in its main memory, rather than on disk, new calculations can be performed on the fly, ... The second advantage is flexibility. Because a specifically structured data layer no longer needs to be built for a given query – which has long been a key part of most BI deployments – in-memory provides greater scope for analytics freedom, widening the range of what executives can query.

Forrester: 70% of "private clouds" aren't really clouds at all
Staten says if you call a highly virtualized environment a cloud, but it doesn't have one or more of the key characteristics of a private cloud, then the IT department is setting an unrealistic expectation for users. If users are disappointed when they find out the environment doesn't have self-provisioning, or an elastic resources pool, they can get discouraged. The next time they need a VM on the fly, where will they turn? The pseudo-private cloud IT has set up, or Amazon Web Services, which IT could have no control over.

Mobile devices will get next-gen Wi-Fi in early second half, Qualcomm says
The new Wi-Fi standard in Snapdragon will increase peak data transfer rates, but at the same time enable tablets and smartphones to retain battery life similar to mobile devices with 802.11 b/g/n technology, Renduchintala said. The theoretical data transfer rates for 802.11ac is expected to be three to four times faster than that of 802.11n, which are in mobile devices, PCs and routers today.

Despite the gloom, there is cause for optimism in IT security, says Microsoft
“There are significant advances the IT security industry has made, so my optimism is not delusional, but based in fact,” he told attendees of RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco. The hardware security has seen the introduction of UEFI, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface specification designed to provide a more secure alternative to BIOS. This has enabled the introduction of secure boot and measured boot in software such as Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. “These are positive developments in security that the industry can build on,” said Charney.

The unfulfilled promises of health information technology
Realizing that the cost savings and improvements in healthcare delivery are nowhere near what was optimistically predicted in 2005, RAND recently commissioned a new study to take a fresh new look at the state of health information technology. The new study paints a very different picture and received broad coverage by mainstream news outlets, including “In Second Look, Few Savings From Digital Health Records” by the New York Times in January.

Bringing BI Back to the Executive
From the executive’s perspective, the most important piece of this is realizing that the executive is not an endpoint consumer of BI; the executive is a driver and collaborator within the organization from the start. So what is the starting point, and what is the ending point? And what about the steps in between? Let’s look at the flow of processes that should be followed, what each of those phases is and what they will provide.

The Lost Art of Eye Contact
When is the last time you consciously looked into someone’s eyes and had a meaningful conversation? When nearly every personal and business interaction uses a screen as an intermediary, it’s difficult to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with employees, customers and partners. But such relationships are the cornerstone of building a long-term business. So put down that smart phone, walk away from the computer, and think about these five things

Paypal Accepts Coins and Paper Currency At Coinstar Kiosks
The rollout is part of PayPal's bid to play a role in brick-and-mortar retail in addition to its significant presence in online payments. The payments processor said it had lined up 23 national retailers last year that would accept payments using PayPal in their stores. Customers can make payments using a PayPal payment card that is accepted at participating stores, or by using their mobile number and a PIN (personal identification number).

Union Budget 2013 gives lucid reaction to IT Inc concerns
While giving a target fiscal deficit number of 5.2% of GDP, Finance Minister P Chidambaram's Union Budget 2013-14 did not do much about crucial concerns of IT industry. Will all these minimal measures rescue the economy from the possibility of a sovereign rating downgrade? And how much can $100 bn IT industry of the country can gain from these subtle measures?

Aveksa's Approach to Identity & Access Management
Good identity and access management can make sure your people have the access they need to do their jobs. It will ensure that information is secure, and your company meets its regulatory needs. But can it do more? Can it be a business enabler? To find out, Adam Burns spoke with Deepak Taneja, CTO and founder of Aveksa… the discussion started with the big challenges of today’s workplace – information security in the context of cloud, mobile and big data

Quote for the day:

"If you don't understand that you work for your mislabeled "subordinates",then you know nothing of leadership.You know only tyranny." -- Dee Hock

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