February 01, 2013

Realities of the Enterprise Data Scientist
An ideal data scientist – it’s always hard to find an “ideal” anything – would for me have four equal parts: 25 percent business knowledge, 25 percent analytics expertise, 25 percent technological capabilities and 25 percent visualization. You need someone who understands the business issues and the questions business is asking; that’s where it should start. Then, basically, the same person should be proficient enough to understand what techniques we should be using to address that business concern. ... There’s obviously a challenge to find someone who has an experience or background in all four.

A Smart Card Framework for .NET
This article demonstrates how to use the interoperability features of .NET and use them to write a simple framework to use a Smart Card in your applications. A Smart Card is a small embedded device that receives commands through a card reader using the PC/SC Win32 API. If you want to use this API, you will need a Smart Card reader to use a Smart Card such as a SIM card.

An Introduction to a Multi Structured Ecosystem
In this video, Teradata CMO and a chief data scientist discuss how to make sense of the new paradigm shift called big data. They discuss how a multi-structured ecosystem will allow data scientists and companies make sense of new these new sources of big data.

2013 CIO Playbook - 5 Ways IT Must Work Differently in 2013
In today’s world, more and more CIOs are starting to take on broader roles within the business. In fact, according to a recent Gartner survey, 77% of CIOs have significant responsibilities outside IT. This stands in stark contrast to the situation even a few years ago when most CIOs had no responsibilities outside IT. The CIO and IT have an opportunity to have a much broader impact on the business in 2013 and beyond, but taking full advantage will require working quite differently than in the past.

S'pore banks resisting NAF signup due to hassle, control
According to Chai Chin Loon, COO of Assurity Trusted Solutions, the subsidiary of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) set up to oversee operations of the NAF, only two banks--RHB Bank and ICICI Bank--have signed up for OneKey, the 2FA token of the NAF so far. This is because banks have security and regulatory "concerns" when it comes to signing up for the NAF, he explained, speaking to ZDNet in an interview Friday.

12 Common IT Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Bringing a new hire into you IT department is a double-edged sword. ... That's why finding the right candidate is so important. As a hiring manager, you need to do everything you can to minimize the risk throughout the hiring process. Here are 12 common mistakes IT managers make, along with advice on how to take a more successful approach.

Sterile and messy lessons in corporate strategy
As A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin write in Playing To Win : “Far too few companies have a clear, choiceful and compelling winning strategy in place.” Worse, executives who do come up with a successful approach often become trapped. To quote from another business book, Strategic Transformation: “What was previously a source of strength becomes the opposite – the invisible bars of a prison from which it is very hard to escape.”

Android's (quiet) killer feature
Android's sharing capability, known to developers as a form of "intent," is about more than merely sharing in the social-oriented sense of the word. It's a way for you to quickly and easily pass data between applications -- anything from a Web page to a chunk of text or even an image.

US government debates action over Chinese cyberattacks
It is not just China which is of concern as a number of cyberattacks are also traced back to Africa and Russia. Newly-discovered Red October, for example, targets very specific organizations in order to steal data and gather intelligence. The high-profile targets and origins of the code have led Kaspersky Labs to "strongly believe" it originated in Russia, and may have been state-sponsored.

13 useful add-ins for Excel and Word 2013 -- most free
For some reason, Microsoft has taken to calling the mini-programs that you can install into their Office applications“apps.” Functionally, though, most of these are similar to web browser add-ons -- in the sense that they add to or enhance the feature set of the main program. Here are the most useful ones for the latest versions of Excel and Word. Unless specifically noted, the apps are free as of Feb. 1 (some are only free for a limited time) or have a free as well as paid version.

Quote for the day:

"The most important thing about goals is having one." -- Geoffry F. Abert

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