February 10, 2013

The Database Deluge… Who’s Who
These are the top NoSQL Solutions in the market today that are open source, readily available, with a strong and active community, and actively making forward progress in development and innovations in the technology. Adron Hall has provided them here, in no order, with basic descriptions, links to their main website presence, and with short lists of some of their top users of each database.

Microsoft Issues Tools to Block IE10 Upgrades on Windows 7
The tools block automatic upgrading of older editions of Internet Explorer to IE10 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 via the operating systems' built-in Automatic Update service. Companies that rely on WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) or SMS (Systems Management Server) do not need the toolkit; they can manage the deployment of IE10 using those programs.

Don’t Blink: Your Enterprise Architecture is Changing
If you are only looking at the emerging most disruptive technologies, you are likely to get smacked in the face when you blink -- things are changing that fast. In the near future, new platforms built on today’s hot technologies will create more disruption. For example, by 2016 there will be 760 million tablets in use and almost one-third will be sold to business.

Stress Testing a Multi-player Game Application
I recently had an opportunity to consult for a friend of mine on stress testing a multi-player game application. This was a totally new experience for me and this blog is to detail as to how I approached this need to simulate the required amount stress and have it tested under stressed circumstances.

The Secret to a Great Place to Work
Dan Rockwell: I believe in employees first, but I recently learned a bigger, more important truth. I asked an expert on “great places to work” if putting employees first was the secret to creating a great organization. She said, “Not really.”

System-of-Systems Influences on Acquisition Strategy Development
An acquisition strategy is a top-level roadmap that focuses on highlighting and managing risks to a successful outcome. Business requirements for supporting work processes require integration across multiple systems, spanning multiple business or organizational units. This operational context incorporates significant new sources of risk, such as a large and diverse user community and increasing uncertainty and complexity, that become key drivers for acquisition strategy development and execution.

Eleven Benefits of Cloud-based Identity Management
Cloud-based identity offers breakthrough capabilities simply not available as software regardless of price. Further, due to the evolution of the technology landscape, a new cloud-native architecture is required to manage identity. A cloud-native architecture is one that does not rely on plug-ins, agents, federation kits or software of any kind to be installed and run on third-party SaaS providers’ servers.

Game Programming Wiki
Welcome to The Game Programming Wiki! A collection of 1,033 game programming tutorials and source code examples for a variety of languages and platforms written collaboratively by our 1,403 users. This site is a wiki and you are encouraged to contribute your knowledge and help the repository grow! If you're lost or confused, please try the help page, or else drop on by the forums and ask for clarification there.

SOA: A perspective on Implementation Risks
As with all other technologies, the adoption of SOA involves risks. These risks often manifest themselves during an SOA solution implementation and arise primarily due to insufficient detailing in the design of SOA. This paper identifies some of the risks across different viewpoints of an overall SOA based Enterprise Architecture. Awareness of these risks can help designers and architects put in place appropriate measures to continuously evaluate and mitigate them.

Why Most BI Programs Under-Deliver Value
While the exact reasons for failure are often debated, most agree that a lack of business involvement, long delivery cycles and poor data quality lead the list. After all this time, why do organizations continue to struggle with delivering successful BI? The answer lies in the fact that they do a poor job at defining value to the customer and how that value will be delivered given the resource constraints and political complexities in nearly all organizations.

Quote for the day:

"Life does not require us to make good; it asks only that we give our best at each level of experience. " -- Harold Ruopp

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