February 23 2013

CIO's mastery of M&A puts her at center of Dell's turnaround strategy
In an interview with SearchCIO.com following Dell's big announcement, Karaboutis revealed she occupies a prime spot at the table for the many acquisitions critical to Dell's turnaround -- eight and counting, just on her watch as CIO. The Michigan native is no stranger to business strategy shakeups. Before becoming CIO, she led a transformation of Dell's manufacturing operations.

Security on the street with SearchFinancialSecurity.com: Risk management
In the listed podcast you will learn more on the intersection of technology and risk management, including: Risk assessments, including how they should be conducted, what business processes should be included and what to do with the results; and Risk management policies, including who should create them, what should be included and what kind of training and education they should include.

Spyware, viruses, & security forum: How can I be sure software updates are legit?
Check out CNET's forum to find the answers for this question. The most voted response to this question is "... From emails that look like they are coming from a friend to fake warnings from Banks and other financial institutions, it is getting that you cannot trust anything or anyone. Unfortunately, you cannot count on security software to catch these especially if you initiate the install by agreeing to it or by allowing it when the User Account Control pops up. Unfortunately, the bad guys always seem to be a step ahead of the security software. ..."

VMware Bundles Apps Into BYOD Management Suite
The Horizon Suite will allow employees to access work applications from any device they use, whether it is a laptop, tablet or even smartphone, said Erik Frieberg, VMware senior director for end user computing. VMware's approach is "to transform the silo apps, such as operation systems, into services that can be delivered to end users in any device, with policy-based management," Frieberg said.

AppSense Redefines BYOD As BYOX. What Is X?
AppSense, which develops people-centric solutions recently released MobileNow, a SaaS based mobile device, application and data managements solution designed for Enterprise and Mid-Market organizations that bridges application/data access, corporate compliance and strong security to personal devices in work environments. BYOD is just about your own device. MobileNow supports BYOX where X can be anything from apps, data to the latest mobile device.

Microsoft hacked by same attackers as Facebook, Apple
According to IGN, the tech giant has been attacked by the same hackers that accessed Apple and Facebook's internal computer network, stealing company data as they went. The tech giant said the attack used "techniques similar to those documented by other organizations." The security breach was discovered on a small number of internal computers and said that customer data was unaffected.

Can Big Data + Big Dating = True Love?
The system compares the users extensive list of answers to the site’s 20 million other users – a process that requires a billion calculations for each bachelor or bachelorette. After comparing information using a sophisticated algorithm, the site provides the user with matches. eHarmony’s dataset alone exceeds 4 terabytes of total data, not including photos and other information. These fine-tuned formulas and powerful datacenters are the trade secret of these online dating services.

Leading from the Driver’s Seat
Let’s think about what Laing said, especially “we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing.” Picture that. It’s like driving your car but instead of looking at the road right in front of you, you only look through the rear view mirror. So you only see things after you have already passed them! Fortunately nobody drives a car this way – but many people do drive organizations this way.

Is it Now Crazy to Offshore IT to China?
Ten years ago, there was wide expectation that China would emerge as India's top threat in the IT services outsourcing business. Those expectations have been thwarted largely due to language issues and ongoing security concerns, say analysts. China's job building an IT and BPO outsourcing industry may have just gotten harder. The blow-by-blow details of Chinese government espionage that arrived this week in a report by security firm Mandiant, lay bare, in ways never seen before, the extent of the security risks of working with China.

Interview and Book Review: Enterprise Software Delivery
Enterprise software delivery is primary to the organization’s success. It provides the infrastructure that the organization relies on for smooth operation of its key business processes, provides key information- focused services that differentiate the organization’s business offerings, and supports a wide variety of stakeholders who communicate through a common set of information managed by the group.

Quote for the day:

"It is through cooperation, rather than conflict, that your greatest successes will be derived." -- Ralph Charell

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