February 21, 2013

Chief Data Officer role is a work in progress
The only argument against creating this role that I've run across is that if CIOs and CTOs did their jobs right, we wouldn't need this new role. That's pretty feeble since we're not just talking about IT's history of relative ineffectiveness in managing information outside of application silos (and don't get me started about content management) -- we're adding to that a significant increase in the value of information and a significant increase in the amount of available information.

The Practitioner’s Journey: Departure
In the first post of this series, Daryl Conner offere a high-level overview of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, using The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien as a point of reference. Going forward, he hopes to draw out some specific implications of the hero archetype and relate them to the path many seasoned change practitioners (my intended audience) follow as they come to terms with how they work with clients.

AMD docking technology adjusts tablet, laptop performance in hybrids
The company's Turbo Dock technology will adapt system performance when a hybrid laptop is in tablet mode, and vice versa, said Steve Belt, corporate vice president at AMD. The underlying technology behind Turbo Dock cranks up the clock speed of a processor when the tablet is connected to the dock, turning the hybrid device into a high-performance laptop.

Maybe Management Isn’t Your Style
A bad boss is born each time someone goes into management without knowing whether he or she is truly suited to the role. When people are offered a managerial job, they may become intoxicated by the idea of more power and a bigger salary. Refusing such an offer can seem out of the question. “It’s hard to stop and think rationally when you’re being offered a promotion,” said Phil.

Data destruction: Top Ten Tips for avoiding fines and reputational risk
In April 2013, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will detail it plans for data protection practices of the private sector, with particular attention to SMEs. Companies risk massive fines, reputations and even their business if they ignore the guidelines on secure storage and disposal of confidential information. In order to secure your business and comply with ICO regulations, Simon Brailsford of Advanced Digital Dynamics Ltd offers these necessary steps to avoid any costly mistakes:

Sound waves used to increase disk drive capacity
The breakthrough could allow greater amounts of data to be stored on both hard disk drives and NAND flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs). "We're near the peak of what we can do with the technology we now use for magnetic storage," said Pallavi Dhagat, an associate professor in the OSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. "There's always a need for approaches that could store even more information in a smaller space, cost less and use less power."

The free GRC tools every compliance professional should know about
Compliance professionals know that governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tends to get short shrift when it comes to securing investment dollars for software tools and new funding for process improvements. This puts compliance professionals in a precarious position, considering the number and complexity of regulations on the rise. You can do nothing, or you can look for ways to "short circuit" the spending cycle and gain efficiencies despite minimal investment dollars. One way to do this is to leverage free and open source toolsto automate some aspects of GRC.

When things go right
No matter how much our head tells us that we can’t change others we seem to have a hard time taking this into our hearts. We mean well, as we all want things around us to be perfect, including the people. But when was the last time you changed when you received a criticism? It’s generally not a great strategy to help others improve without some attention to what’s going right.

What Does EIM Look Like?
Across the many definitions of EIM, a thread emerges that unifies EIM as a legitimate discipline. It takes the concept of information as an asset and attempts to make it real. IT can turn the asset management philosophy into a program that adds significant value to an enterprise or organization through improved ability to analyze and exploit all types of data assets and, ultimately, leads to increased business success.

Women Who Run Tech Startups Are Catching Up
It shows that the average age of women entrepreneurs founding tech companies has dropped, from 41 to 32, since an earlier, smaller study was done in 2009, and the percentage who have had graduate-level education has risen, from 40 percent to 56 percent. The findings about women’s contributions to success bolster previous research from several sources, including a Credit Suisse Research Institute (CS) report and Dow Jones VentureSource (NWS) analysis.

Quote for the day:

"Don't find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain" -- Henry Ford

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