February 14, 2013

Obama's cybersecurity executive order: What you need to know
The final executive order doesn't have half of the concerning privacy implications that CISPA does, and has also garnered support from a major privacy group, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Having said that, the privacy implications of this cybersecurity order have yet to be defined, and could still pose a significant risk to the privacy of web citizens.

Performance Anywhere SaaS From HP To Inject Agility Into Enterprises
HP Performance Anywhere, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that the company claims will speed application delivery. This software integrates easily with the HP Agile Manager and HP Quality Center to further promote collaboration across development, test and operations teams to better align IT with business priorities. Both HP Agile Manager and HP Performance Anywhere are part of HP’s overall Converged Cloud strategy.

Survey: U.S. falls behind on user-centered BYOD
Thirty percent of managers in the U.S. said their companies are more likely to focus on users over devices. In Singapore, that number was more than twice as high, with 63% of managers saying they would focus more on users. Forty-one percent of those surveyed in Germany said their companies put users ahead of devices, while 56% said the same thing in the U.K.

IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solution
The IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solution for Anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse efficiently processes cases and coordinates activity across investigative teams. It helps with case management and provides transparency into the effectiveness of investigations with dashboards and performance reports

Researchers develop a more accurate car navigation system
Researchers say the system combines conventional GPS signals with data from sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to determine a vehicle's position within six feet of its location, a dramatic reduction from the current margin of error of 50 feet. The system can be installed inexpensively in any vehicle, say researchers at Spain's Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where the system was developed.

The Evolution of Data Masking
Data masking works by obfuscating or suppressing sensitive information; as a category, this can include credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, medical information, and intellectual property, among other assets. For a host of ethical, legal, or regulatory reasons, certain people in certain roles shouldn't (or can't) be permitted to see this information.

Obama, in State of the Union, offers shout-outs to tech
But a program that may be the most revolutionary is an IBM-backed two-year-old effort to train IT professionals, called P-Tech, in Brooklyn, NY. It's essentially a high school/ community college combo, and its principal, Rashid Davis,said he "was definitely surprised and happy" about the high-profile shout-out.

Secure FTP on Windows Server 2008
As his coworker came across a 12 minute video concerning Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 Secure FTP services, David thought it will be interesting to summarize it and so does in this post. Basically, Microsoft got lots of complaints about the fact that no "built-in" secure FTP services had been included into previous versions of Windows Server. In fact, there is no built-in secure FTP services in Windows Server 2008, but it can be downloaded.

Cut-through versus store-and-forward in Ethernet switch architecture
Cut-through designs typically deliver lower latency, but there are drawbacks. The biggest issue is that cut-through switches will forward corrupted frames since they don't wait to see if the checksum at the end of each frame is valid. In contrast, a store-and-forward switch, having read the entire frame, can discard corrupted data, preventing it from entering the network and using resources unnecessarily.

Jury still out on value of BI gamification
Gamification is being touted as a way to immerse more enterprise users more deeply in business processes and tasks. Gamification borrows heavily from interactive and reward & recognition elements from online games, and maps them to business goals to drive interactivity, participation, and (hopefully) better results. The thinking is simple: the more interesting it is, the more likely people are to engage.

Quote for the day:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." -- Napoleon Bonaparte

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