February 12, 2013

The Wisdom of Crowds, Friends, and Experts
The TED Book by Jim Hornthal, A Haystack Full of Needles includes an overview of the different predictive approaches taken by one of the most common forms of data-driven decision making in the era of big data, namely, the recommendation engines increasingly provided by websites, social networks, and mobile apps. These recommendation engines primarily employ one of three techniques, choosing to base their data-driven recommendations on the “wisdom” provided by either crowds, friends, or experts.

Almost all US networks can be hacked: Intelligence Committee
Rogers said that hackers have stepped up attacks since last year, and pointed to China and Iran. "They're taking blueprints back, not just military documents, but civilian innovation that companies are gonna use to create production lines to build things," Rogers said. "They're stealing that, repurposing it back in nations like China, and competing in the international market." Rogers told CBS that the US government has essentially "set up lawn chairs, told the burglars where the silver is ... and opened the case of beer and watched them do it".

Thornton May: IT and the Internet of Things
A few weeks ago, the IT Leadership Academy took the pulse of a few dozen CIOs regarding the state of the Internet of Things. Unsurprisingly, every one of them said they were pretty sure that somewhere in their enterprise someone was "linking things," or at least "thinking about linking things." But less than 2% of them had a strategy in place to fully exploit the emerging connectability associated with the Internet of Things.

Meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements with a data management program
This special video presentation from Mike Chapple, SearchSecurity.com's resident expert on enterprise compliance, focuses on dealing with PCI DSS requirements in relation to data management practices, emphasizing how to manage sensitive data that is subject to PCI DSS standards. Additionally, this presentation provides an overview and history of PCI DSS, a look at full requirements and analysis, the basics of a PCI DSS data management program, and more.

Using partial mocks for non public methods testing
Many may argue that building tests on private methods will lead to brittle tests that break easily when you re-factor private implementations, which is another point to have in mind; but again there are times that you just find that testing a private method in isolation makes a lot more sense and it should make other's life easier when later they need to maintain your code.

MIT aids human, robot cooperation with cross-training
"People aren't robots. They don't do things the same way every single time," said Julie Shah, head of the Interactive Robotics Group at MIT, in a statement. "And so there is a mismatch between the way we program robots to perform tasks in exactly the same way each time and what we need them to do if they are going to work in concert with people."

Helping Employees See Why We Do What We Do
If you have not seen Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” Brian encourages you to take the time to watch it. It’s only 18 minutes long, but it has a lot of impact. In the first five minutes, he explains his theme by drawing one circle inside another that is inside another.

MDM, BYOA adoption driving enterprise app store growth: research
"Enterprise app stores promise at least a partial solution but only if IT security, application, procurement and sourcing professionals can work together to successfully apply the app store concept to their enterprises. When successful, they can increase the value delivered by the application portfolio and reduce the associated risks, license fees and administration expenses," Ian Finley noted.

Email Overload: Can Social Really Help?
"My inbox, of course, is insane -- just like most of my customers," Foster said in an interview. Her company, Brilliant Life Design, offers personal and team productivity training for entrepreneurs and startups, a segment known for the do-it-all, do-it-yourself ethos. That mindset matches Foster's own day-to-day business. "It's just me," she said. "I'm doing it all." In her search for ways to reduce the amount of email she sends and receives, Foster recently began trialing Sendgine, a new "social productivity" application.

Microsoft Surface Pro review
The Core i5-based Surface Pro combines ultrabook components with a (chunky) 10.6in. tablet form factor to deliver decent performance and excellent build quality. However, a few design issues, missing features and, above all, disappointing battery life suggest you'd be wise to wait and see how this product develops.

Quote for the day:

"Not having a clear goal leads to death by a thousand compromises" -- Mark Pincus

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