January 26, 2013

Two hours in the cloud: The year's best cloud computing Q&As
SearchCloudComputing.com had the opportunity in 2012 to speak with experts from all walks of cloud -- CEOs, cloud security directors and open source pros, among others. These eight best cloud computing Q&As put industry authorities in the hot seat for their takes on the cloud market.

'Andyhave3cats' is a better password than 'Shehave3cats,' study finds
Ashwini Rao, a Carnegie Mellon software engineering doctoral student and the lead researcher on the project, said that while phrases and sentences can make passwords easier to remember, their grammatical structure significantly narrows the possible word combinations and sequences that hackers -- and their tools -- need to guess. "We should not blindly rely on the number of words or characters in a password as a measure of its security," said Rao

CIO's cloud solutions meet collaboration needs and speed up innovation
The road to that goal, Patterson told SearchCIO.com, includes aggressive consolidation of the IT infrastructure that's spread across the university's 19 schools and colleges. The aim is to build an IT infrastructure flexible enough to support both shared services and mission-unique services. The goal is faster innovation.

Multi Process Architecture with C#
The Multi-Process Architecture has been used lately by internet browsers that use tabs, like Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. The display rendering functionality is isolated by using child process for each tab. It protects the browser application from misbehavior. Read more in Google Chrome Multi-process Architecture.

Cloud Security Moves from Enterprise Apprehension to Allegiance
Security has long been a top enterprise worry with cloud computing. However, increases in deployments and cuts in budgets will propel the cloud as a top security infrastructure option over the next four years, according to a new assessment from Gartner Research.

How to Select the Right MDM and BYOD Security Solution for eGRC
Attend this webcast for insights on: Determining what Features/Benefits Are Important To Your Business; Evaluating the products for security/performance features that fit your market and security policy; Assessing how well the product will integrate with your existing infrastructure; Creating a shortlist of vendors that meet the unique needs of your organization; and Identifying vendors that best meet requirements and accelerate the selection process.

Do the CIO and CFO Disagree on Technology Value?
Download this CIO Search survey results to learn: What the CFO wants to see from investments; Which top technologies the CIO and CFO agree will be most important for business success in the next three years; Why CIOs take issue with the CFO's definition of ROI when applied to technology investments and much more.

Popeye, Spinach, and Data Quality
“Ultimately, the reason these errors spread,” Arbesman concluded, “is because it’s a lot easier to spread the first thing you find, or the fact that sounds correct, than to delve deeply into the literature in search of the correct fact.” What “spinach” has your organization been falsely consuming because of a data quality issue that was not immediately obvious, and which may have led to a long, and perhaps ongoing, history of data-driven decisions based on poor quality data?

Do You Need Big Data Governance? Maybe.
Sunil, a widely known figure and authority in the field of data governance, in his third book, “Big Data Governance, an Emerging Imperative,” is the first comprehensive volume on the new data phenomenon from a governance perspective. He recently spoke about the purpose and timing of this work with Information ManagementEditorial Director Jim Ericson.

Take the Long View on Value of Leadership Training
If you look at why IT projects fail, it is inevitably a combination of governance, communication, management of expectations, change management, team management, and time and budget management. So the question may be how best to develop leadership skills among project managers that will put them in a position to succeed, and to help their teams succeed.

Quote for the day:

"In youth we learn; in age we understand." -- Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Austrian writer

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