January 07, 2013

A director's duties when negotiating IT contracts
Based on the NKF incident, key learning points for directors are: (a) Directors can be liable for failing in their duties to their companies/organizations. This can happen especially if there are ownership or organizational changes. (b) Being a volunteer does not absolve one from his duty. (c) Unfamiliarity with IT and legal issues should be addressed by getting the appropriate advice from in-house and external experts and asking the right questions. Departure from such advice must be carefully considered. ...

China’s Computing Giants Eyes Overseas Growth in 2013
Needless to say, the Chinese government is keen to keep pushing growth forward, and it has a plan to increase the country’s online population to 800 million by 2015, and to expand Web sales to reach to 18 trillion yuan ($2.9 trillion) by 2015—taking the top spot in global e-commerce. Gartner is predicting enterprise IT spending alone in China will grow from $117.8 billion in 2013 to $172.4 billion by 20160

Leap Motion gets $30M to change how you interact with computers
With a $30 million second round of funding, Leap plans to manufacture its peripheral device at scale. The funding round, led by Founders Fund with previous investor Highland Capital Partners participating, follows a $14.5 million Series A round. It will also support today’s second piece of news — namely that ASUS will bundle the Leap Motion device in with its all in one computers as well as select notebooks this year.

1/6/13: Leadership Reading to Start Your Week
Here are choice articles on hot leadership topics culled from the business schools, the business press and major consulting firms, to start off your work week. I'm pointing you to articles about leadership, start-ups, Starbucks, the entrepreneurial Murphy clan, the sharing economy, the paper industry, and industrial excellence and American manufacturing, as well as surveys, studies, statistics, and lists. Be sure to look for dots that you can connect.

Don’t overlook your Big Data leadership and management
Although your strategy provides an essential component of leadership, it’s not enough to lead a Big Data team. And although you have competent management within your strategic business units, they may not be appropriate for your Big Data team. You must have management and leadership built within your Big Data team. Big Data capability is not built on data scientists alone; you must also build competence in dealing with change and complexity.

DirectX made simple
With Windows 8, WinRT, C++/Cx I think the time to write an elegant C# / XAML app using some DirectX rendering in C++ has finally come! Thanks WinRT! :-) Here the codeproject blogger just plan to describe my attempt at learning DirectX and C++ and integrate it nicely in a C# XAML app. Note this is a metro app. It requires VS2012 and Windows 8.

Architecture Definition - Requirements Report (Expanded)
The purpose of this document is to define the relevant operational, performance, user application, and architectural requirements of the system. Project Managers should be aware that there may be significant overlap between this document, the Current Situation and Requirements Report produced in the Systems Planning phase and the Functional Specification produced in the Analysis phase. Careful tailoring in the context of what has been produced, and what will be produced, is required.

Amazon Web Services launches Redshift, datawarehousing as a service
"Large companies feel like they are paying too much. And small companies can't afford data warehousing solutions. As a result, they throw out some of their data," said Andy Jassy, senior vice president of AWS. Jassy made the comments at Amazon Web Services' inaugural re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The powwow was designed to bring together developers and customers to talk cloud migration and other key topics.

SQL Indexing and Tuning e-Book
SQL indexing is the most effective SQL tuning method and requires the same care as schema design yet it is often neglected during development. Use The Index, Luke explains SQL indexing from the source code perspective—covering ORM tools like Hibernate and Doctrine. It's a living book—make sure to follow via RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

The State of Cloud Computing Around the World: India
The market for cloud computing within the country has already doubled between 2009 to 2012, thanks to large businesses making up the bulk of Indian cloud computing growth. Additionally, since these large businesses don’t have legacy infrastructure to transform, they are more agile and can adopt new strategies as they come.

Quote for the day:

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers

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