January 09, 2013

Five Types of Bad Chief Architect Characters – We Have The Whole List!
The Open Group: We have looked at some of the extreme personality types of chief architects to provide some hints on how to deal with them. Below is a list of five Enterprise Architecture characters we have unfortunately encountered in the real world with a few tips on how these characters can be managed.

Extending Spring MVC with Spring Mobile and JavaScript
Craig Walls Senior Engineer with SpringSource and Roy Clarkson currently working as an engineer with SpringSource explain how to extend Spring MVC to mobile devices with Spring Mobile and popular JavaScript frameworks.

10 More New T-SQL Functions
SQL Server 2012 was released last April, making it the 11th major release of the product. Every new version has delivered new functionality that should excite developers, and this release is no different. With the latest release of SQL Server, Microsoft produced 14 new T-SQL functions.The first part of this article detailed four new T-SQL functions available in SQL Server 2012. This article demonstrates 10 additional functions. Dig in!

Fun with PowerShell's Out-GridView
Even though Windows PowerShell is primarily a console-based management engine, there are a few GUI bits you might want to take advantage of. One of them, which we've had since PowerShell 2 is Out-Gridview. As the name implies, this is a cmdlet that you pipe objects "out" to - What you get is a graphical display of the default view

IT Salary Survey 2012: GRC professionals looking for a challenge
New and expanding regulatory compliance rules, coupled with incessant IT security threats, are influencing operations in virtually all industries. That puts an inordinate amount of pressure on governance, risk and compliance professionals as they strive to protect company assets and follow federal rules to a T.

Application Integration: Infrastructure basics for real-world integrations
Read this expert e-guide to explore study results indicating how your peers are creating seamless interoperability within their extended IT environments. Also, discover recommendations from the analysts at Gartner and other leading firms regarding best practices for modern application integration. - Requires registration to download.

Avoid Making the Cloud Your Next Legacy System
Glenn Donovan writes: It’s taken me some time and effort to decode the cloud hype into a coherent value proposition for a business trying to use IT to accomplish business goals, as I’m sure many of you reading this article have had to do. Whether it’s SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, what is the opportunity for businesses? What gains can be made in the real world? Here’s how my analysis/thought process unfolded and perhaps some of you can relate.

Developer divide: 19 generations of computer programmers
If you're searching for a fountain of youth, the easiest way to get that feeling of continual rebirth is to hang around a few tech product launches. Every new rollout comes with the fresh, unabashed feeling that this has never been done before. Ever. But it has. Apple has been bringing us "one more thing" for more than 30 years. Even the iconic commercial introducing the Macintosh is nearing 29 years old. Newness has never been so old.

Technology Manager: Information and Technology Strategy Game
Technology Manager is an I.T management board game set in an economy similar to the real world of businesses, with different industry markets. Battle for winning clients, manage money, make deals, and band together to survive in the I.T industry. This game teaches “Information and Technology Processes” so you will learn different strategies and concepts of Managing an IT business and the issues involved so it makes an exciting adventure.

Naive Intervention – Part 1: From Antifragile to Models Behaving Badly
This three-post series by Max J. Pucher discusses why any approach that ignores real-world dynamics and complexity will eventually cause catastrophical failures. These books show that I am not alone with my opinions and proposals and that much of the BPM community is wearing blinders.

TLDR is for when you don't have time to read the whole article
TLDR is software that summarizes Web information automatically when you don't have time to read the whole story. It's available now as a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but developers Stremor say the Android and iPhone apps have been submitted to the major app stores, so you'll be able to use it on your smartphone as early as this week.

Quote for the day:

"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival" -- W.Edwards Deming

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