January 20, 2013

The secret to making risk management a profit maximizer
Bank Leumi has implemented four separate new systems specifically to manage risk. However, perhaps the most important change in our institution is cultural – recognizing and responding to the nature of risk. For example, traditionally, many banks have defined their risk exposure in terms of the upper limit of loan volume – how much money did they give to that group or that sector or that geography?

The Year Ahead in Enterprise Software, Services M&A
Amidst steady revenues and innovation, the enterprise software and services sector is also privy to regular buyouts and mergers. In its recent annual review of industry mergers and acquisitions, advisory Berkery Noyes noted a drop in transaction values, though with an asterisk of bustling growth in certain areas.Information-Management.com asked for a view of the year ahead in vendor consolidation and buyout from Berkery’s CIO Jim Berkery and Managing Director Mary Jo Zandy.

The all new 2013 overview of CEMMethod
In this presentation, Steve Towers, BP Group walks you through the main features of CEMMethod an evolution in BPM thinking and practice leading to Outside In. You may regard this as the WHAT of the method. Accessing the HOW and associated resources is also discussed at the end of this overview.

Make A Point or A Difference – It’s Your Decision
Your goal is to influence. Not make a point. Your actions will speak much louder than your words (points). You can take a stand or find a common cause to unify behind. Great leaders and organizations find a common cause or greater purpose. People will get behind and rally for a greater purpose. They don’t need another point!

YouTube Dynamic AJAX / JSON Search API Demo
YouTube offers various APIs to allow websites to do pretty much anything they could otherwise do on the YouTube site. You can search for videos on YouTube from your site, upload videos, get a user's favorites, the "featured videos", and the list goes on. This article shows how to search dynamically for YouTube videos (by levereging the JSONP technique), parse the JSON response metadata to get attributes such as play count, rating of a video, etc. This site has a live demo of dynamic search and embedded player.

Tech hotshots: The rise of the UX expert
In a mobile application, it is better to cleanly provide the 20 most important pieces of information than force people to navigate through 100 that they might never use. "We learned that you have to drop completeness in the name of usefulness." ... Developers with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) expertise are hot these days, according to Shane Bernstein, managing director of QConnects, a Culver City, Calif.-based digital recruitment firm.

Do you need to uninstall Java to be safe from its vulnerabilities?
The vast majority of Java's security problems revolve around the use of the Java plug-in. While the vulnerabilities ultimately exist in the runtime, the plug-in is the avenue that malware developers use to exploit these remotely. You are somehow tricked into loading a Web page that contains a malicious Java applet, which exploits the fault and loads malware on to your system. If you close this off or otherwise manage it, then you will vastly improve the security of your system, and can continue to use Java for other purposes without needing to remove it completely.

Identity Management on a Shoestring
It is neither a conceptual treatment of Identity (for which we would refer the reader to Kim Cameron's excellent work on the Laws of Identity) nor a detailed technical manual on a particular product. It describes a pragmatic and cost-effective architectural approach to implementing IAM within an organisation, based on the experience of the authors. Don't miss to download the free pdf mini book.

The Consequences of Stupid Management Concepts
Many commonly-held management concepts in use today have their roots in what is actually asset management, and are the theoretical children of the old axiom that the ultimate purpose of all management is to “maximize shareholder wealth.” Slavish adherence to the family of management concepts that are derived from this axiom lead to policies and tactics that are monumentally stupid, and do a lot more damage than just to an organization’s bottom line.

How to Define, Build, and Obtain Cloud Skills for Your Enterprise
The core problem is that we’ve yet to define what “cloud-related jobs” are, and most hiring managers have no clue how to write the job descriptions as of yet. This is due largely to the fact that most enterprises do not yet have cloud computing strategies in place. Thus, if you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t plan on how you’re going to get there.

Quotes for the day:

"The twin killers of success are impatience & greed." -- Jim Rohn

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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