January 04, 2013

Debating international cyberespionage, poor secure coding practices
In this video, conducted at the 2012 (ISC)2 Security Congress in Philadelphia, Schou discusses why international cyberespionage and corporate intelligence gathering are inextricably linked. Schou also discusses other secure coding practices and his concerns about cloud computing security, as well as why the security community must do a better job teaching the importance of secure software development practices.

Historians versus Futurists – Who is More Valuable?
Futurists enjoy taking out their crystal ball and projecting future innovations, but they are typically wrong. For example, George Orwell’s book, “1984,” which was published in 1949, did not come close with its projections. And in the 1960s, I recall a Walt Disney television show describing automobiles that required no driver and were guided by a magnet-like strip imbedded in the street’s or highway’s roadbed. Nice try.

Ultimate guide to SSDs (plus reviews of 7 new drives!)
Many vendors sell SSDs, but the devices are far from equal. Flash memory and controller technology have both advanced so quickly that what was fast last year is now second-class. The drives you might find in the bargain bin will be faster than a consumer-grade mechanical hard drive, but they won't deliver the astounding performance boost you'll be looking for after you read this article.

Google must change search business practices after FTC decision
The Federal Trade Commission handed down a full bag of decisions in its antitrust investigation of Google during a press conference on Thursday. Essentially, Google is going to have to make a number of changes to its business practices -- especially regarding search.

Biggest concerns of cloud adopters
A study shows that enterprises are most concerned over vendor lock-in and portability. The study initiated by HP reveals that over 60% of senior business and technology executives surveyed are concerned about vendor lock-in when implementing cloud solutions, while 72% of respondents feel portability of workloads between cloud models is important when implementing cloud solutions.

Meaningful Use, Data Quality and Data Access – Three Sides of the Same Coin
Richard Cramer, Informatica's Chief Healthcare Strategist had the privilege to be invited to testify to the Health I.T. Policy Committee workgroup on the topic of data quality. Through this blog, he shares the testimony that he presented in which he raises questions about metrics & standards for data quality, the trustworthiness, completeness and accuracy of clinical DBs and how important is data quality for an attestation program.

‘Mere operational efficiency won’t cut it, IT needs to do more’
First, they needed IT to automate and streamline manual operations for improved efficiency. Now, they want it to drive business growth. A global survey of C-class executives and business managers has revealed businesses—while happy with the efficiency IT brings to their operations—want IT to help them identify new growth opportunities.

UK to launch public cyber security awareness campaign
Marking the strategy’s first anniversary last month, minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, said business and government needed to continue to educate customers so that everyone using the internet is better informed of the potential risks and how to protect themselves online. The new programme is aimed at raising public awareness about threats online and where to go for more information.

IDC Estimates Shed Light on Cloud Skills Gap for IT
According to an IDC (News - Alert) report sponsored by Microsoft Corp., through 2015, with as many as seven million cloud-related jobs available worldwide, the demand for cloud-ready IT workers will grow by 26 percent annually. Cloud computing has already begun changing how IT delivers economic value to countries, industries, and businesses although it is still emerging as a computing style.

Cloud financials and revenue management in 2013
This blog post is the first in a planned series covering various enterprise application categories. What follows below is an overview of the leading SaaS vendors in the category historically known as ERP. Prospective buyers may well use the term to describe what they're looking for. But in today's highly automated, ubiquitously connected business environment, they need much more than conventional ERP has ever delivered.

Quote for the day:

"Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius." -- An Wang

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