January 24, 2013

Biggest myth – “Enterprise Architecture is a discipline aimed at creating models”
Unfortunately, most of the Enterprise Architecture practitioners and several branded consulting organizations are caught in this trap. The situation has worsened as several architects & business process experts are building “composite models” (multi variable model) and calling it “architecture” model. This ignorance has serious ramification, as several Enterprises are making considerable investments in this area without significant gain.

Three key factors to provide security in virtualization
A security solution in the cloud should at least contain three key features to make itself attractive to customers. It should have heterogeneous hypervisor support, be agentless and have automatic deployment. Let’s take a deeper look at these three features: Heterogeneous hypervisor support; Agentless; and Automatic deployment

Cloud Orchestration: What It Is, Why You Need It
Orchestration is at the heart of the private cloud. It's the tool that you will use to automate repetitive tasks that you do daily or weekly. When designing your private cloud, orchestrators are what you will need to tie in with your ticketing system so that you can automate user requests.

Three Schools of Thought on Enterprise Architecture
The belief systems underlying these schools of thought are at the heart of several challenges, such as fragmentation and misunderstanding, in the enterprise architecture community, because the beliefs are often implicitly held by people but not explicitly discussed. ... This article tries to shed some light on the situation by sharing a new taxonomy of enterprise architecture schools of thought to foster understanding and awareness to help establish enterprise architecture as a discipline and profession.

The Need to Care for Character
To be successful as an advanced change practitioner, it is important to deeply explore your character so you can understand and accept who you are ... In this series, Daryl Conner explores step one in this sequence by addressing the question, “As professional change facilitators, how can we cultivate our character to increase the impact our presence has with clients?”

Azure-based Microsoft video streaming service goes live
The service, released Tuesday, can be used to deliver training videos to employees; stream video content from a website; or build video-on-demand service similar to Hulu or Netflix, Microsoft's Scott Guthrie said in a blog post.

Exposure of files on unsecured wireless no excuse to search, judge rules
The ruling involves John Henry Ahrndt, a previously convicted sex offender who was sentenced to 120 months in prison for possession of child pornography on his computer. Ahrndt had argued that some of the evidence that was used against him in court had been gathered illegally. He had filed an appeal asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon in Portland to suppress the evidence on the grounds that his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search had been violated.

5 New Ways to Recruit & Hire Using Twitter’s Improved Platform
Twitter’s new Advanced Search has become increasingly popular amount recruiters who are working feverishly at filing spots via Twitter recruiting. Even on the most basic level, Twitter’s Advanced Search is a powerful tool that can pull together any type of data that you’re wanting. To look at current trends, happening right now, Twitter’s new search allows you to do just that.

Expectations and Roadblocks as BYOD Matures
The first-time survey, “BYOD: Managing the User is the Key to Big Gains and Fewer Setbacks,” was conducted by tech market research firm Vanson Bourne on behalf of Dell and its Quest Software division. It included responses to questions on enterprise BYOD policies, maturity and concerns from 1,485 IT and executive respondents.

"One size fits all" solution for freezing a Grid's header rows, why not?
Table structure in HTML and GridView in ASP.NET has brought about various smart ways of rendering data. But there is a big question I've been looking for the answer for quite some time ago; that is how to freeze header rows to track data easily when scrolling page. Unfortunately, the GridView control doesn't provide such a feature. Truong Pham Has come up with a solution for this.

Quote for the day:

"I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through - then follow through." -- Edward Rickenbacker

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