January 05, 2013

Understanding and Implementing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
It’ll take you about 30 minutes max to get a system running in the cloud, and since Microsoft is providing free evaluation of Azure VMs right now, it doesn’t cost anything nor is it difficult to setup at all. To create an Azure Virtual Machine, do the following:

4 Tips For Finding Great Career Mentors
Finding career mentors isn’t always easy and asking someone you don’t know to be your mentor can be intimidating. Obtain great mentors and overcome the ‘finding a mentor jitters’ by following these 4 tips:

Cisco and NXP invest in connected car technology company
Together Cisco, Cohda and NXP will develop applications that warn of hazards such as the potential of a collision ahead, alerting if a nearby vehicle is losing control, or of upcoming traffic congestion, they said on Friday. NXP and Cohda are far from new acquaintances; they have already developed a platform that combines radio technology from both companies for use in onboard car units.

Rogue Google SSL certificate not used for dishonest purposes, Turktrust says
On Thursday, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft announced that they are blacklisting two intermediate CA certificates that were mistakenly issued by Turktrust in August 2011 for two of its customers who should have received normal end-entity certificates for their respective domain names.

Improve Your Website: 3 Free Tools for 'Screencasting'
While a screenshot is a static image of a computer screen, screencasts essentially are short movies with narration that can show changes made to a site or page over time. They can be used to demonstrate how to use a new piece of software, to report problems with your site or to illustrate potential changes to your site through a redesign. All you need to create a screencast is a microphone and a service to capture the video. Here are three free tools that can help you get started on the right foot:

Achieving Greater Agility with Business Intelligence and Analytics
Join this TDWI Webinar and discover best practices and experience-based guidance for improving flexibility and speeding the delivery of value with BI and analytics. This Webinar is based on TDWI’s recently released Best Practices Report, Achieving Greater Agility with Business Intelligence and Analytics, which brings together insights from an extensive research survey and interviews with users and industry experts in agile development methods, cloud-based services, and cutting-edge BI and analytics technologies.

IE shocker: Microsoft's browser gains share in 2012
Net Applications, which tracks browser usage by monitoring unique visitors to customers' websites, said IE ended 2012 with a 54.8% share, up 2.9 percentage points from the start of the year. The uptick was in stark contrast to nearly a decade of decline. In each of the years from 2005 through 2011, IE lost major chunks of usage share, with several of those years recording decreases of seven or more percentage points.

Dutch Government Aims to Shape Ethical Hackers' Disclosure Practices
White-hat hackers and security researchers play an important role in securing IT systems by finding vulnerabilities, the NCSC said. However, the center maintained that security researchers are sometimes reluctant to disclose vulnerabilities to companies, instead using media outlets to announce vulnerabilities, which is an undesirable practice because it exposes a hole before it is fixed.

Meet 7 startups that could define the Chinese cloud
Because of cultural, regulatory and linguistic issues, private clouds are the hot topic while public cloud services (e.g., Amazon Web Services or any of the myriad SaaS startups in the United States) have little to no presence. This situation can make it tough for U.S. IT companies to make a strong cloud play in China, leaving the door open for Chinese startups to define the technologies

How Square's Transparent Office Culture Pays Dividends
What if you gave your newest employee access to the same information about your company as you do one of your VPs? That's the idea behind the inner-workings of Square, and one that is contributing to the mobile-payment company's success. "Whether it's your first day, or third year at the company, you're given the same amount of information and opportunity to contribute," Kyle Zink, director of experience at Square, told Mashable. "We want you to be as valuable and effective as you want to be, as soon as you're ready."

Quote for the day:

"Anger is never without a reason, but seldom a good one." -- Benjamin Franklin

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