January 15, 2013

Application Modernization and the Cloud Connection
Modernizing without a plan delivered via a strong migration methodology can be expensive, time-consuming, laborious and challenging on many fronts -- a combination that may not give organizations the return on investment they're seeking. This often leads organizations to delay their modernization efforts -- adding even more risk and cost to the eventual 'doomsday event' which finally forces modernization.

DDN grabs first slab of 100PB storage cloud
Data Direct Networks (DDN) will provide storage for a node of Australia's Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI), a $AUD50m project aimed at creating a pool of storage the nation's researchers can use to house large quantities of data, the better to feed it into the nation's supercomputers and subject it other forms of analysis.

An Easy Guide For Developing and Publishing Apps in Intel AppUp Store for New Ultrabook Devices
So what is the opportunity there in AppUp? This might just be the first question you may ask if you have never worked with Apps or if you happen to be an existing App developer for Apple or Android market. Let me tell you, AppUp is still in it's early stage and can be considered as a start up. Having said that, there are many good things to start with AppUp

Cloud Computing Services in Russia Offer Huge Growth Potential, Finds Frost & Sullivan
"The continuing adoption of cloud services will have a significant impact on both the public and private sectors in Russia. Implementation of the National Cloud Platform will increase the quality of healthcare and government services due to the unification of services and their higher availability via Internet and public universal access points (terminals)," notes Mr Vyatskikh.

Why We Find it Hard to Change Our Behavior
When we look at our behavior we have to understand that there is a thought going on in our heads that is tripping us up. And we have to change that first. Or we’re working on the wrong thing. The question becomes, “What thoughts do I need to change to make my behavior change?” New behavior will automatically follow a change in thinking. One right thought can correct a lot of bad behavior.

Microsoft keeps calm, issues emergency IE update
"It's as ordinary as only Microsoft could make an [out-of-band] release ordinary," said Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security, in an interview via instant messaging. "While it's rare they go out of band, their idea of emergency is still calm and to the letter of the process." And that, said Storms, is a good thing.

Paving the way to cloud security certification is a two-way street
Security and compliance go hand in hand when cloud computing is involved. As cloud consumers, enterprises are responsible for defining security policies, authorizing end-user use and understanding cloud compliance requirements. But all that responsibility doesn't fall solely on enterprise IT.

'There is a need for better dialogue between industry and government'
"If you look at the relative economic scenario across the world, I would say that the India story is still very strong" says Sanket Akerkar, MD, Microsoft India in an interview with Dataquest. He shares his views on a wide range of subjects-from the state of the economy to India's growth prospects, the changing approach to IT outsourcing and the key areas where industry and government can work together. Excerpts

7 Ways You're Wasting Time and Don't Even Know It
Berry realized she needed to get smarter about managing time and making Provident Insurance Agency in Florissant, Mo., run more smoothly. She hired a productivity coach and saw immediate results. If you feel as overwhelmed as Berry did, you may need to rethink how you use your time. Here are seven ways you may be wasting time without even realizing it.

Offshoring has fuelled IT skills crisis, say UK firms
“We all look dreadfully surprised when five years later we need to find an [enterprise] architect. Where do we grow architects from? We grow them from our analysts. Then we realise ‘Ah, we don’t have many of those any more because we shifted them out’.” Harris was commenting on the findings of a report for the forum which found that 59 per cent, of forum members have been unable to find people with the right technical or business skills for an IT role.

Quote for the day:

"Knowing when to take your losses is an essential part of eventual success." -- Tom Peters

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