January 16, 2013

Engaging with Infrastructure as a Service providers: Advice for SMBs
SearchCIO-Midmarket.com site editor Wendy Schuchart spoke to Nathan McBride, vice president of IT at AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc., at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2012 in Orlando, Fla., about his company's cloud infrastructure strategy. McBride suggests that organizations must perform due diligence and take certain precautions before engaging with Infrastructure as a Service providers.

Java exploit used in Red October cyberespionage attacks, researchers say
The hundreds of government, military and research organizations targeted in a large-scale cyberespionage operation dubbed Red October were not only attacked using malicious Excel and Word documents as previously believed, but also by using Web-based Java exploits, according to researchers from Israeli IT security firm Seculert.

Facebook takes on Google with Graph Search
Graph Search is the social network's newest way for users to make sense of its massive base of 1 billion users, 240 billion photos, and 1 trillion connections. The tool is meant to provide people the answers to their to their questions about people, photos, places, and interests. Zuckerberg said Graph Search is launching to a small number of people today and is available only on the desktop and in English for the time being.

NuoDB launches cloud-friendly database
The CDMS constitutes a "modern superset of a relational database," said NuoDB co-founder and CEO Barry Morris. NuoDB's design principles follow a set of 12 rules for next-generation databases, Morris said. Among them are the ability to run anywhere, elastic scalability, nonstop availability, a single logical database and distributed security, according to the company.

6 tips to make Windows 8 less annoying
Many of the new mouse gestures are particularly irritating if you've got a large desktop display or are trying to use a trackpad. Fortunately, there are ways to tame the OS for use with keyboard and mouse. After a few weeks on a spanking new PC, here are my top tips for making Windows 8 less annoying.

Feds Look to Big Data to Position 'Government as a Platform'
"We are I think at the verge, just at the tipping point of the data economy, both on the big data side ... as well as thinking about government as a platform for value. We're just now starting to see companies founded on government data," US CIO VanRoekel says. "We can greatly impact the lives of every American just by unlocking pieces of data."

Who is influencing IT budgeting and decisions anyway?
Based on the EA survey results from Gartner events in North America and Europe, analysts estimate that in 2012, EA practitioners had a "final decision-making" influence on $331 billion in worldwide enterprise IT spend and a "great deal of influence" on $774 billion in worldwide enterprise IT spending. Overall, EA practitioners had an influence that is either "final decision maker" or "great deal of influence" on $1.1 trillion in worldwide enterprise IT spending.

Data-driven science is a failure of imagination
Data-driven scientists (data miners) such as Rosling believe that data can tell a story, that observation equals information, that the best way towards scientific progress is to collect data, visualize them and analyze them (data miners are not specific about what analyze means exactly). When you listen to Rosling carefully he sometimes makes data equivalent to statistics: a scientist collects statistics.

The 6 pillars when choosing the right mobile application development platform
Adopting a mobile development application platform on an enterprise or any kind of business level isn’t all that different from buying a house or a car on an individual one. ... The ramifications are profound and the decision must be carefully thought out. In virtue of this crucial choice, enterprises and companies who want to adopt a mobile development application platform solution must take into account these fundamental factors:

Microsoft’s Free Security Tools – Microsoft Security Compliance Manager Tool (SCM)
IT Professionals typically leverage Group Policy for a number of reasons but one of its primary benefits is to help manage security for groups of systems and reduce support costs. While the value of Group Policy is clear, maximizing its potential can sometimes be a daunting task. To help ease the management process for Group Policy, Microsoft released a free tool called the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM).

Overcoming the fear of risk in Enterprise Collaboration
In the supply chain industry there’s something known as failure mode effects analysis — a complicated term but a rather simple concept. The purpose of the model is to systematically identify, anticipate and mitigate any number of risk factors, as well define follow-up actions should the scenarios present themselves.

Quote for the day:

"Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." -- Anthony Robbins

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