January 10, 2013

Making Yourself a CEO
Being CEO requires lots of unnatural motion. From an anthropological standpoint, it is natural to do things that make people like you. It enhances your chances for survival. Yet to be a good CEO, in order to be liked in the long run, you must do many things that will upset people in the short run. Unnatural things.

Questions for an Enterprise Architect
Erik Dörnenburg, Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks answers: What is Enterprise and Evolutionary Architecture?, discussing 4 issues: Turning strategy into execution, Ensuring conformance, Where do the architects sit? Buying or building?

Eric Ries On How To Make Any Company Move Like A Lean Startup
"It's like an alternate reality," Eric Ries says. The entrepreneur-turned-author whose Lean Startup--the book, then the movement--infused the Valley/Alley lexicon with now-ubiquitous terms like "pivot" and "minimum viable product," is now boldly going where few startup guys have gone before: corporate America.

Analysis of Rails XML Parameter Parsing Vulnerability
The root cause of the vulnerability is Rails handling of formatted parameters. In addition to standard GET and POST parameter formats, Rails can handle multiple different data encodings inside the body of POST requests. By default JSON and XML are supported. While support for JSON is widely used in production, the XML functionality does not seem to be known by many Rails developers.

Azure DataMarket + BigML = Powerful Insights
BigML has made the process of creating a predictive model from a dataset one-click easy. For example, a store owner can use her sales data to predict the optimal inventory levels given the time of year. But what if you have an idea for a model, for example predicting the unemployment rate for London Boroughs based on demographic information, but you don’t have the data? While it is trivial to build this model with BigML once you have data, where do you get it and how do you know if the data is from a reliable source?

EU hopes to impose data restrictions on Internet firms
According to Reuters, Internet companies including social networking site Facebook and search engine giant Google may have to get additional permission from their users before selling or using data in the future if the European Union gets its way. The EU wants to give consumers an additional layer of data protection by imposing harsher regulations on firms with an online presence, giving users more control over their personal data as well as limiting what firms can do with data they gather.

NSTIC set to fire up more identity pilots
The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) pilots are meant to cultivate ideas that will anchor an online "identity ecosystem" to be built and managed by the private sector. The idea is that the programs will build and test technology, identity models and frameworks to support a standards-based identity infrastructure.

4 Common Project Budgeting Mistakes
This month here at ProjectManagement.com we are looking at everything to do with resolutions and plans for the coming year. Here are 4 common project budgeting mistakes – how many of these will you be avoiding during 2013?

The lifecycle of your enterprise cloud adoption strategy
This excerpt from Chapter 3 of Is Your Company Ready for Cloud? Choosing the Best Cloud Adoption Strategy for Your Business, by Pamela Isom and Kerrie Holley, examines how an enterprise should strategically plan its cloud adoption, taking into consideration specific business goals, cloud standards, best practices and current and future use.

The Impact of the SaaS, Cloud Evolution on ISVs
The SaaS business model enables ISVs to reduce costs, enter new market, and launch and run a future-oriented SaaS business in the cloud. But transforming an existing on-premises application into reliable, scalable software capable of supporting many customers simultaneously is not a small thing – and the business changes are harder and still ongoing. In essence, the delivery method has changed, and therefore the business model of selling SaaS and cloud services needs to change as well.

Quote for the day:

"The real leader has no need to lead - he is content to point the way." -- Henry Miller

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