January 08, 2013

Analytics ROI – Strategy to Execution
Over the next two years, executives say they will focus on supplementing standard historical reporting with emerging approaches that make information come alive. These include data visualization and process simulation, as well as text and voice analytics, social media analysis, and other predictive and prescriptive techniques.

CRM Watchlist 2013: It all starts...now. The Finalists
After a year of monitoring and five weeks of reviewing questionnaires, I'm ready to name the finalists for CRM Watchlist 2013. Remember, these aren't the winners. Each winner will get a review. This is just a list. There is SO much more analysis coming it will make your head spin.

Insight: Identity Management Will Take Off in 2013
The growing use of tablets, smart phones and cloud services is making it more complicated for IT organizations to manage user authentication and authorization to enterprise resources. Consequently, the market for technology that provides secure single sign-on is heating up. In recent weeks, a number of companies have moved to raise the IDMaaS ante including Centrify, Microsoft and Okta.

USB 3.0 standard will soon allow up to 10Gbps
An enhanced version of USB 3.0 will deliver up to 10Gbps, twice the data speed of current connections. The 10G bps SuperSpeed USB supplement to the existing USB 3.0 specification is expected to be completed by the middle of the year, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group said Sunday at the International CES trade show in Las Vegas

M2M makes sense for DBS Bank
In an interview with ZDNet Asia, Gledhill said the number of mobile devices used to interact with the bank has "exploded". People ... now use their mobile devices and social media accounts to engage with the bank too, he noted. "The prize now is to understand what's going on across all of these touchpoints and, help us improve our services, get to know the customer better, and allow us to sell our products in a timely way," he said.

Cloud availability appears higher than enterprise data center uptime
While Amazon's cloud availability appears higher than that of enterprise data centers, a true comparison is tough to make as there don't appear to be statistically significant studies surrounding private enterprise data center availability, according to IDC's Villars.

Designing Next-Generation Massively Multithreaded Architectures for Irregular Applications
Current high-performance computing systems are designed to efficiently execute floating-pointintensive workloads. HPC systems are mainly built for scientific simulations, which are characterized by high computational density and locality, and regular, partitionable data structures. These application requirements are driving processor designs toward fast SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) arithmetic units, and deep cache hierarchies to reduce access latencies.

Honk if you love change. Quotes and resources on innovation.
“It’s human nature to love our own ideas. But sometimes that means that we hang on to them too long. Along the innovation journey, every innovator must ask: Are we making sufficient progress to believe that our original hypothesis is correct, or do we need to make a change?

Quick action pattern in Android and simple implemention.
Basically, it's a context menu that doesn't cover up the data that is being acted on. Implementiong this pattern might probably make your application more interactive and interesting. The QuickActions dialog is not included in standard Android SDK, so we have to create it manually.

3 Big UX Lessons Ripped from 2012 Tech Headlines
It’s fascinating how the Samsung QA team focused, like great QA teams do, on the little details that make a product frustrating. Each diagram shows how a certain S1 function works, pointing out exactly what needs to be done to make it better. The team held Apple’s design as the benchmark and the Galaxy S1 didn’t meet it. You can see the entire document here.

Quote for the day:

"Always mistrust a subordinate who never finds fault with his superior" -- J.C. Collins

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