September 08, 2012

NASSCOM: Marketing Analytics Set to Boom
India’s global trade body The National Association of Software and Service Companies says India is perfectly poised to capitalize on the emerging demand for marketing analytics.

Modest IT Hiring Expected Through 2012
... areas where applicants were lacking, general IT expertise led the way (58 percent), followed by an absence of desire to stay on top of tech trends (27 percent) and no knowledge of legislation connected to the field (6 percent)

Elite hacker gang has unlimited supply of zero-day bugs
"We've never seen a group use so many zero-days," said Cox in an interview today. "We were amazed when Stuxnet used four zero-days, but this group has been able to discover eight zero-days. More, the fact that they have prepared [their attacks] and are ready to go as soon as they have a new zero-day, and the speed with which they use these zero-days, is something we've not seen before."

5 Underutilized LinkedIn Marketing Tools
While entrepreneurs might already be aware of important features such as its custom groups or the Question and Answer section, there are a number of tools and features that the professional networking site offers that have gone mostly unnoticed.

Data - It Shouldn't Be This Hard: Lessons From the Trenches
In this brief video, Peter Aiken, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems, Virginia Commonwealth University; president, DAMA International; founder, Data Blueprint, talks about the status of organizational analytics

Connecting with traditional business language and conventions
John Hagel believes exploiting process exceptions is the way to find value in social initiatives; the challenge is often finding a common language with the business world

10 Reasons Disaster Recovery Plans Fail
“In the last three to four years, organizations have cut back the amount that they are testing and updating their disaster recovery plans,” Janulaitis says. “That’s something they can’t put off. Organizations have to step up and keep these plans up to date.”

Michigan State University to Introduce Students to Analytics and Big Data Using IBM Watson
The new collaboration between IBM and MSU is part of an ongoing effort to expand and strengthen student skills and understanding of big data and analytics in order to meet the growing demand for highly skilled analytics workers.

Operationalizing Data Governance
Any approach to operationalizing an organization’s overall Data Management role must include a look at the integration of business and IT Metadata, Data Quality methodologies, and finally implementing Data Governance along with stewardship.

DISA's Five-Year Strategic Information Infrastructure Plan
The plan sets out four strategic goals for the next five years, the first being to “Evolve the Joint Information Environment.” DISA wants to provide end-to-end enterprise services to the entire Department of Defense that are seamless, interoperable, efficient, and responsive to joint and coalition needs.

Big Data in Your Blood
Boston-based company called MC10 will offer the first of several “stretchable electronics” products that can be put on things like shirts and shoes, worn as temporary tattoos or installed in the body.

Quote for the day:

"The ability to summon positive emotions during periods of intense stress lies at the heart of effective leadership." — -- Jim Loehr

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