September 23, 2012

The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013
As you’ll see, each of these 10 is rooted in change, and calls for the CIO to be a leader instead of a follower; a disrupter instead of a go-alonger; and a business-driven executive instead of a tech-focused manager.

Lessons learned from real world BigData implementations
The real driver however is a different one. Business analysts discover Big Data technologies as the means to leverage tons of existing data and ask questions about customer behavior and all sorts relationships to drive business strategy.

Improve Yourself By Embracing Your Dissenters
One of the only ways for us to improve is to be aware of our shortcomings and then choose to embrace them. But where does this awareness come from? ... often the best way to become aware is to listen to the feedback of others. People are often not hesitant to criticize so if you listen attentively I assure you a whole dose of reality will come your way.

How the U.S. Chief Technology Officer Is Making Data Awesome
“It’s about turning government into a platform for open innovation. Data by itself is useless. I can’t feed my baby daughter data, as much as I’d love to because I love data. It’s only useful if you apply it to create an actual public benefit. You need appliers — you need entrepreneurs to know data’s there available in order for them to turn it into awesomeness.”

Working with Sockets in C#
It provides a simple way to exchange data over the network. It's used, as an example, to exchange messages between users. You can go further more to tranfer files and play "distributed" games and communicate multiple programs. Thanks to its powerful features, sockets are becoming a must to learn technology for developers.

The Rise of Coworking Office Spaces
Benjamin Dyett, one of Grind's three founders, describes their members as "free radicals," or people who "network endlessly and collaborate constantly. They choose when and how they do what they do, on their own terms. They don't want job security, they want career fluidity."

Benchmarking mobile maps
A mapping experience is a must-have feature for many of us. In fact, a recent survey by IDG found that 77% of respondents are using smartphones for GPS navigation. No wonder that many of our readers are closely following the recent development and changes of mapping apps and the user experience on the newest smartphones.

The potential pitfalls of data mining
We should be constantly asking these questions. Do they opt in? Or opt out? Which one is the reasonable default setting? Do we market this information to third parties? If we do, how and when do we inform our customers? Are we acting in a transparent way? 

Big Ideas: Demystifying Hadoop 
Another video in Patricia Florissi's (EMC Americas/EMEA CTO) "Big Ideas" series. This one explains Hadoop. It covers the history, the architectural principles, functions (like the name node, MapReduce).

Greenplum’s Gavin Sherry on Remaining Agile Within the Enterprise
One of the greatest challenges for an enterprise is iterating while delivering quality products as teams grow in size and projects become increasingly complex. Unchecked, a nimble startup can become burdened with well-intentioned procedures and management models that nevertheless slow the pace of innovation.

Quotes for the day:
"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." - Wayne Dyer
"Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker." - Zig Ziglar

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