September 24, 2012

IT departments warned: Evolve or die
“It’s almost an adapt or die moment for a lot of the IT profession, if you don’t start being able to articulate and contextualise technology’s value add to service delivery then why are you there?” he told the Efficient ICT 2012 conference in London.

Dresner Study Reveals Current Realities in Cloud-Based Business Intelligence
Over the past five years, business intelligence has seen less adoption in the public cloud than other applications. But our recent 2012 Wisdom of Crowds Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study® of 859 respondents found current strong investment in cloud-based BI and growing interest in tapping into the cloud’s benefits.

FEATURE-'Intel Inside' ignites mobile branding war
Intel is leading the charge by extending its hugely successful "Intel Inside" marketing campaign beyond personal computers. Launched in 1991, "Intel Inside" stickers turned commodity electronic components into premium products, and eventually became ubiquitous on laptops.

How the Cloud is Changing Backup Vendor Strategy
So as this happens, the astute executive is going to want to have a backup of all their data, no matter where it is, to one or more locations, even if the various providers are doing their own backup.

Converged infrastructure will require some compromise
All-in-one IT environments offer benefits in terms of simplified management, but companies must map their own requirements and decide whether this model makes more sense than best-of-breed systems.

Portrait of a Micro-manager
Most people I’ve asked say they’ve worked for a micro-manager. Their frustration shows when they talk about the person who drained joy from their career and under-utilized their skills.

10 tips for speeding up Outlook
Of course, some of these suggestions might seem to have a bit more “‘duh” factor than others. But you never know what level of skills you’re dealing with, so we’ll cover all the bases. In the end, you should have a much faster Outlook experience.

Management Skills: Three Ways to Build Empathy
Empathy as a management skill could be seen as a little bit ‘pink and fluffy’. After all, isn’t empathy what therapists, psychotherapists and counsellors use? Isn’t it a step too far so say it’s one of the key management skills?

Data privacy issues present new data governance challenges
"As information security professionals, we should want to assume these [privacy] responsibilities; that's good for our profession," Northrop said. "And by good for our profession, what I really mean is, you can make more money, and money's good."

Why a Star Hire Isn't Your Ticket to Success
Magic Person Syndrome (let’s call it MPS) leads a company to believe that the absence of the right executive is at the root of some core business problem. And if they can just hire a new executive, the problem magically will be solved. Have you heard (or said) anything like this?

Quote for the day:

"Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential." - Winston Churchill

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