September 18, 2012

Twitter hires security expert Charlie Miller
Twitter is creating a security dream team. Charlie Miller, famous for his hacks on the iPhone and MacBook Air, finding holes in iOS and devising ways to hijack Android phones with NFC, will be starting his new job at the microblogging company next week.

Is Quality Job One? 3 COBIT quality processes make it so!
COBIT 5 says the quality management process is about defining and communicating quality requirements including controls, ongoing monitoring, and the use of practices and standards in continuous improvement of efficiency efforts.  Please notice that quality is not just about testing. Pause and think about this.

Germany proposes ban on surveillance software exports to totalitarian regimes
Germany's foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has told a conference that the country hopes to ban the export of tools that could allow repressive regimes to monitor their own citizens.

Google pictures a better photo-tweaking tool with Snapseed
San Diego-based Nik Software, a 17-year-old developer of digital image editing tools, is now part of Google. The search giant did not reveal details of the acquisition, but the move is likely part of Google’s endeavors to make its Google+ social network more competitive with Facebook

Motorola announces RAZR i in the Europe
The RAZR i will be running on one of Intel's latest mobile chips (2GHz processor), differentiating it from what we saw from the Google-owned phone-maker a few weeks earlier.

5 ideas to help everyone make the most of big data
Although their use cases don’t always align with what more-traditional businesses are doing, they know enough about the science and technology to save big-data newcomers a lot of frustration.

Case study: ING Direct taps big data to understand customers
The bank has already invested heavily in data analys, and the next step is to implement a big-data strategy to speed up the process of understanding a torrent of customer data.

Identity is the new perimeter
While we cannot control the whole security stack for every SaaS application, we can leverage new identity standards to fill the gaps left by the disappearance of the traditional perimeter as we know it.

9 key career issues software developers face
Whether you're an independent contractor or a cubicle loyalist with a wandering eye, programming want ads abound, each stirring its own set of questions about how best to steer your career.

Microsoft confirms hackers exploiting critical IE bug, promises patch
Microsoft on Monday issued a security advisory that confirmed in-the-wild attacks are exploiting an unpatched bug in Internet Explorer. The software maker is working on a fix.

Quote for the day:

"It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." --Bill Gates

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